Thursday 19th November

3-50 Hereford 14. Tallyho Tara 14th -£100

Friday 20th November

3-50 Ascot 1. Mutual Friend 11th -£100

Saturday 21st November

1-45 Haydock 2. Bescot Springs 2nd -£100
2-20 Haydock 2. Ring the Boss UR -£100
2-10 Huntingdon 5. Spanish Conquest 2nd -£100
2-45 Huntingdon 3. Knight Legend 8th -£100

Sunday 22nd November

2-10 Towcester 8. Raise You Five WON 5.6 +£437

Total Profit: -£746

We got this from the author on Saturday which confirms my own thoughts on this system:

The first 3 weeks of our campaign has proved rather frustrating it has to be said, with a handful of decent winners but several selections finishing second at prices up to 12/1. However this indicates to me that it is only a matter of time before some of these bigger prices start to go in.
Yesterday was a prime example with 2 seconds @ 10/1 & 9/2. As stated in the published document, each-way or place betting is always an option on these better priced selections (published results show that many do place when they don’t win) and can help to preserve your betting bank during a bout of seconditis.
Anyway, in an effort to preserve my sense of humour, I can’t resist commenting that Ring the Boss did actually “win” the 2-20 at Haydock today – only problem being it had dumped the jockey earlier in the race! Lady Luck really knows how to rub your nose in it when you’re struggling don’t she?
So, best of luck with Sunday’s selection – it has the look of a good bet to me as long as it doesn’t finish second and seriously depress me!