I have been looking at a golf tipping service – SJP Golf Tips; a service that costs £29.99 per month with discounts for longer subscriptions.

At first glance, this looks a very solid service with 1309 points profit over the last 4 years, that’s £13k at £10 per point. The results of the trial have, therefore, been disappointing: only 16 wins in 146 bets. I realise that golf can be like that, and it only needs a winner at 150/1 to completely change the profile of the service, and I extended the review to 20 weeks in the hope that the service would catch a nice winner. Unfortunately, the service has finished down 104.4 points, -£1,044 to the standard £10 per point to the advised odds. Direct comparison with Betfair is not available as the markets differ, especially in the number of places offered in each-way bets.

Tips are received via email around mid-morning Wednesdays. Like any tipster service you need to quickly act on these to get the quoted odds.

A 200-point bank is recommended, so £2k to get the CashMaster standard £10 per bet, so the bank is down 50%.

It would be easy to fail this service, but it remains one good win away from being turned around; e.g. £10 each-way win on 100/1 would return something like 118 points for £1,180 and this would be a very different review. I am, therefore, going to classify this service as neutral.

You can get SJP Golf Tips here