I must apologise for being a bit late wrapping this one up. I finished recording selections at the end of February, meaning that we’ve been running the trial for around 4 months.

To recap, this is a Basketball tipping service focusing on European Basketball leagues and competitions for both men and women. It is not aimed at the NBA/WNBA.

Selections are obtained via email and arrive early morning and late in the evening, UK times. They are extremely easy to read and understand, the prices quoted are obtainable.

UK members would need to be aware that they often quote prices from Pinnacle and a few other betting firms not available to UK market, I have found that Marathon are almost always at least a match for their prices and cover all the leagues too.

Subscription costs £27 per month, although there are a number of promotional deals on their website, best of which appears to be £40 for 3 months, followed by £80 rebil for the next period.

When it comes to performance, well it was a bit strange….. we went absolutely ages with very little movement, the bank bobbed along never moving more than 6 points into profit, nor below 6 points of loss. Then, in January, we had a sudden rush of profit that shot us up to over 30 points in profit. Since then it has returned to bobbing up and down around the same level, again just going up and down similar amounts.

Earlier in the trial I pointed out that we had an extremely long run of only Home Wins beings selected, there were close to 150 in a row leading up to Christmas time, very strange for a service that is supposed to tip both Home and Away. The return to tipping either way coincided with the big run of profits.

They ended the trial with a total profit of 27.74 points. Which should mean an automatic APPROVED rating, there’s more than enough to cover the subscription price, even if just betting at £10 per point, but it just doesn’t sit right with me.

All the profit was made in that one mad month, January made 33 points on its own, and yet the end figure is 27. For a service to get APPROVED I’d have to be willing to pay for it and follow the selections with my own money, and I’m afraid that’s just not the case here. I’m only ever going to be comfortable with filing this one under NEUTRAL, despite it making an overall profit.