System 1

Bank £553.01

21/3 +£6.18

Bank £559.19


System 2

Bank £611.40


System 1 was nice and easy yesterday. Two trades made, one went nowhere and I traded out at exactly £0 profit/loss and the second made an easy £6.18. Again, it had been higher before going the wrong way and cutting down the profit. If using this long term it may well prove better to have a max profit level as well as a max loss level. I’ve seen several examples of trades going £12 – £15 in profit only to slide back to around half that figure.

I wasn’t available to check the markets for System 2 yesterday but looking at the limited amount of market information available today, I wouldn’t think I missed out on much. Very little difference between the “Opened” price and the “S.P.” prices given for our target area. There are a few bumpers today and I’m going to try and make sure I’m free to trade them.