System 1

Bank £559.19

22/3 +£8.43

Bank £567.62


System 2

Bank £611.405


I am now pretty sure that having a “Take Profit” figure on top of the “Stop Loss” is the way to go. I had two trades on System 1 yesterday, the first shot straight into profit and at one point was over £22 in profit but as has happened on a good few occaisions it back  tracked and I closed out at a profit of £7.94. The second trade did very little, it bounced around between £3 profit and a similar loss and I traded out just before the off for about 50p. It’s not as easy as just saying “Trade out earlier” as a few times I’ve found late surges have changed loss into profit, so if I were using this longterm I would certainly be looking to grab a profit once it went into double figures.

I was able to watch the markets for System 2, no suitable trades appeared. One did start to move well but there was only around 40 secs to the off so I left that one.