It’s now time to wrap up this trial and give my final findings.

This service provides you with two different trading systems to use for a one-off fee of around £70.

System 1 is the method you will be looking to use most often. Using the recommended starting bank of £500 and the staking level of £100 per trade, this method made a profit of £76.67 during the trial period. So it can be said that the purchase price was made back within 1 month using this method alone. It also could appear to be a little worryingly low profit when you use £100 per trade, this is not really a concern as you close all trades before the off and the only real danger of losing your whole stake is if Betfair were to go down and stay down before you closed out. There is a warning in the book to close out a trade early if it seems to be going against you too far, I set a figure of £10 as the max loss I was prepared to take.

It can be a little frustrating to use this method as you need several factors to line up before you even look to make a trade and as a consequence you do get quite a few no bet days, but I’d rather it was this way than a “scattergun” type affair. The rules are very easy to follow and you can tell the night before racing whether you should be prepared for a possible trade or not and at what time you need to be monitoring markets.

All-in-all I’d say this was a nice, easy, low-risk trading methood that does seem to work along the logical lines of the rules as they are set out.

System 2 is going to be of less use overall but has proven to be more profitable. Using the same level of starting bank, staking level and stop loss point this method produced a profit of £204.82 during the trial period. That is a really very impressive figure but the downside is that it is only workable on National Hunt Flat Races (a.k.a. bumpers) and those are in short supply during the summer months. The rules for this one are dead simple and that did cause me to be a little dubious about it before I started trying it out but I really can’t argue with the profit level made. Again, all trades are closed before the off, so it’s pretty low-risk. Just reading the sales page, it’s obvious that you are looking for odds movements in the build up to races but the selling point of this method is that the vendor has identified the area of the market you need to be monitoring and the price level below which you want to jump on a move.

The bottom line is that these two methods combined have made a profit of £281.49 after 5% commission is deducted during our trial period and are dead simple to use and at the lowest end of the risk scale, so simpy have to be filed as APPROVED.

I do intend to keep using these myself, although I will switch to paper trading for a while as we’re just about on code change over time and that’s always a risky time for any betting/trading method.

I am conscious of the fact that there is a No Refunds policy with this vendor and I’m also mindful of the fact that we’ve reviewed services from this stable recently that we’ve found to be almost identical to other, older methods that you may well already have purchased. This does present something of a problem but as I’ve given a broad outline of how both systems work, I think you would know if you’ve already got something along those lines in your betting arsenal. All I can say for certain is that I’ve seen a lot of systems over the years and have not seen either of these in this easy to use, low risk format. They’re both very simple and could be said to be a little underwhelming when you first read them but I must say that I’m happy that they work.

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UPDATE  July 2012

I wanted to give you an update on this trading package that I reviewed and approved earlier this year.

The reason for this is that the method that can (in theory) be used most days (method 1 from the trial) has been more problematic during the flat season than I anticipated. It’s true that it has not been helped lately by the number of meetings abandoned due to bad weather as this method relies on races going off at set intervals but, even when all factors fall into place, this method is just not really paying its way. It’s not really losing much but it’s not making any gains, literally a few pounds up or down using £100 stakes on the odd day you can use it at all.

Method 2 is only for use on National Hunt Flat Races (bumpers) and it did make very good money during the trial but is obviously of limited use during the summer flat racing season. I’m still perfectly confident that this part will contnue to perform well if used carefully in accordance with the manual.

The one small quibble I have is that, given Method 1 is not really proving itself worthwhile longterm, this is now quite an expensive product when you consider that method 2 (as can be seen from the sales page) is only really a guide to which range of the betting market you should be watching out for odds movements on those specific races. Having said that, it did work very well during our trial and there’s no reason to expect that to change. It easily paid for the purchase price using the recommended staking level and was never in any trouble as you set a sensible stop loss point.

This now leaves the product between two verdicts for me. It’s either a Neutral but with very positive comments for Method 2 or an Approved but with a mention that Method 1 is probably worth knowing but will not set the world alight and that Method 2 is of real value and use only during the National Hunt season.

On balance I think the latter option fits better and I will leave it on the Approved list but I wanted to make you aware of all factors.

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