Saturday 18th July

Back FC Tokyo @ 2.1 +£78

Back Shamrock Rovers @ 1.83 +£60

Back Palmeiras @ 2.00 +£71

Total Profit: +£526

Final Review

Well I started this test five weeks ago with a betting bank of £500 and I’ve now doubled it with next to no effort, a few bets a week, and with no idea or interest in football in the slightest. I must admit I wasn’t looking forward to testing this service but I’m glad I did.

To sum up, this is a very mellow and easy to follow service. All you do is go to the website each evening and login to see if there are any bets. If there are, you bet 75 points on each selection. If it’s a back bet, you bet 75 points to win. If it’s a lay bet, you lay to 75 points liability. Job done in a few minutes. It doesn’t matter if you’ve never heard of these teams… we bet on football all around the world. Just input the name into the Betfair search box and it’ll find the market for you. Click on Match Odds and there it is.

The bets identified are good odds for straight win bets and the advised staking plan… 75 points level stakes on a 500 point bank, seems to work well. Getting two or three losing bets in a row is no problem and the strike rate is high enough that you don’t seem to have any long losing periods so it’s good psychologically to see your account balance rise fairly rapidly.

100% return in 5 weeks is pretty impressive by any standards, but remember this isn’t even betting every day, it’s about ten bets a week if that! I also found that Stuart, the brains behind this service, is very polite and quick to answer e-mails.

There’s not much else to say except that I have no other choice but to give this service a qualified thumbs up and I highly recommend that you take advantage of Stuarts know how, whether you have any interest in football or not. It’s a nice little earner and takes no time at all. I’deal for anyone that has a day job too… just check the site in the evening, place your bets and walk away.

Oh, and it’s very good value too! Twenty quid a month and it’s made me five hundred in my first five weeks!

This is one service that I shall certainly continue to use.

UPDATE October 2010

The Smarter Gambler service has now closed.