Day 15

reading the author’s blog, there doesn’t appear to be any reason why the system should be limited to the first 4 races of the day, other than this is the published rule. So, I am going to operate 4 banks for the system – one is for the system as published and one for a Lay based on this system (these are the 2 banks currently running). Two others for the system extended for all the day’s races and a Lay based on this system. Hope that makes sense! Will start the extended trail with banks of £1000 each. Regrettably, I don’t have the data to back test this, so this aspect of the test will start today. Again, as this is outside the published parameters, the results here will not affect the final summary.
System (as published) had no qualifying races today.

Extended system had 2 qualifying races and 2 winners, which means 2 winners on the associated Lays too.

Southwell 1610 win for profit £64

Southwell 1645 win for profit £10.  Current bank £1074.00 (+£74.00)

Extended Lays  2 wins for 2x£9.50 profit. Current Bank £1019.00 (+£19.00).