Day 2 – 30 Jan

To preserve details of the system I am going to say there are overheads when a race is selected. As I am using Terry’s stake plan these will be £80 per race. Occasionally these will be less but never more. The selection will be backed for £20.

Betfair commission is set at 5%
Only one qualifying race today:

Lingfield 13:10 – Overhead £80, William’s Way won at 5.8 £91.20, profit £11.20

Current bank £1011.20

Just looking at the system I wonder whether there is a bonus the author has missed. It may be possible to get a lay selection in qualifying races. I will run this alongside the system just to see if I am correct. THIS LAY IS NOT PART OF THE SYSTEM AS SOLD SO IF THIS FAILS IT WILL NOT AFFECT THE REVIEW. I will set a limit on this, the selection must be 4 or less on Betfair. I will use £10 stakes for this.
Lingfield 13:10  – Night Orbit @ 4.0 – Lost, profit £9.50

Current bank £1009.50