Snare System Review

I stated at the start of the trial that the system had 11 rules to apply, but, as I suspected, these were really easy to apply.

So the system nicely ticks the ‘easy to use’ box.

The rub is, and quoting directly from the authors website “I think today made it clear that you need to see the live market to get the full potential of this system. It is not based at S/P. Many of the reviewers will have this as a no bet when for certain the horse was available at 7 (probably higher) during the course of the day”.

This means that you may have to check prices throughout the day, or to check for non-runners. This is the first of two niggles with the system.

My second niggle is the way this system affects the bank. There are big oscillations, and you have to hang on in there on losing runs. The counter to this niggle is the system can find some high-priced winners swinging the bank in to positive. The trial had several 10/1 or bigger winners and one even at above 25/1.

When I started the trial I identified a possible Laying strategy based on the systems rules, this I called my “Sneaky Lay”. Part way in to the trial I added qualifying races beyond the 4 per day limit; this I called “Extended System” and there was a Laying strategy associated with this too. These Lay strategies are not “SPOT THE LAY” now advertised on the authors website; I have not had an opportunity to review this Laying strategy. When these add-ons where introduced I stated that they would not affect the system review.

The system lost £433. On this basis I would have to qualify this as a failed system.


The authors website has published results. These match(-ish) my data. Some variation is allowed as (as stated above) the results are not based on SP, so I may get different odds or even miss a race because the selection criteria did not align at the time that I checked. It is obvious from the authors data that the trial has hit a run of really bad results.

On this basis I am prepared to give The Snare a tentative neutral rating. The caveat is the trial has finished, so I wont be tracking whether results pick up or remains sour.

Although I said I wouldnt, I will look at the add-on components, especially as the author now includes these on his website.

The Lays more or less “wiped their faces”. I notice from the website “SPOT THE LAY” has additional rules, such as not laying above 4.2. Regrettably I did not record sufficient data through the trial to back-test this rule. So the Laying strategy does not affect the Neutral rating.

It is not straight-forward to look at the £449 made by the Extended System as this only started 15 days in to the trail. When it started the main system was already £250 down.  So, since the Extended component was added the main system lost a further £190 (approx); an overall profit of £260-ish for this portion of the trial.

On the basis that even the author admit’s to this being a very bad month and a profit was still returned, I would categorise this as a tentative “Approved” with the following caveats:  I wouldnt limit myself to just 4 races per day, and I would not use MY Lay strategy.

My acid test for this rating is that I am adding this system to my portfolio.

You can get The Snare system here: