Day 6 – 3rd Feb

just for the record heavy snow took away all racing and nearly all Greyhound racing too, so like everyone else there was no bets yesterday. Don’t worry folks we’ll run the trial a few days longer to compensate.

We did have a qualifying race today, but, the odds available leading up to the Off fell outside the system’s criteria. So no bets today on the main system.

The way I use the system identified a Lay oppertunity. Remember this is from my interpretation of the system and is not not included in the manual. Other than identifying a selection we have no other rules. As this bet won, I will count it. If the data at the end of the trial suggests that when a race fails criteria we should also discount the Lay, I will amend the results accordingly.


Sneaky Lay bank is now £1028.50 (+£28.50) .