I am going to have a look at the Snare System by Terry Sparkes.

First impressions are favourable. A short 9-page manual so no padding on the history of Betfair or the like. However this does mean you need to know your way around Betfair and the Racing Post site/paper. This shouldn’t be an issue as there are many, many tutorials on such things if you use a search engine.

One slight problem with the review copy I have, the last page mentions that results can be seen on the next page. Doh! So there does appear to be some missing copy. Shouldn’t make a whole lot of difference as the rules have been explained, with examples, before this point. Whilst this does throw a question as to Terry’s professionalism (sorry Terry if you read this, no insult intended); the flip side is that one feels a scam would be more polished.
There are 11 easy rules to apply. Whilst this sounds like a lot, I suspect that it will be easy to find selections once I get in to the habit of the system.

Whilst some of the work can be done the night before, it appears that you will need to be around for the start of the racing each day up to the point the target is met, to operate the system.
Terry suggests a start bank of £1000, so this is where I will start. The system could be operated for less starting capital, the minimum is £100.

As you may know if you have read my previous blogs on Golden Key, my Dad is in hospital, and whilst improving is still quite poorly. I will endeavour to test the system daily and will post the results as soon as I can, but if I miss I day or two please bear with me.