Tested and reviewed by Julian Daniels.

Snowy is a professional horse racing gambler of 12 years experience making his sole living from backing and laying horses. With this service you have the opportunity to follow his own professional bets. His form reading, when looking at certain races, can take between 2-5 hours, while value is a big part of his approach. So he is very thorough and confident before placing his bets.

Snowy focuses on National Hunt racing. The results I have seen are impressive with profits of 263.81 pts to advised odds and 183.33 pts to SP. These profits cover the period 23rd April 2016 to 2nd November 2016.

Tips are provided on most days, when Snowy finds value. Tips are win and each way bets. Stakes are given for each tip from 1 to 10 units. Tips arrive in the morning from 9 am to 10 am via e-mail.


The service made a flying start with 70 pts up after the first week. Unfortunately it did not maintain this momentum and after three calendar months it has ended up with a loss of 56.7 points. At £10 a point, that equates to a loss of £567.00 on top of which there are the service fees. So this service has to go into the failed category.

Here are the final significant stats:

Total Number of Bets 115
Winning Bets 31
Strike Rate = 27.0%
Starting Bank + 250 pts
Current Bank + 192.4 pts
Lowest Bank +148.77 pts
Highest Bank + 329.41 pts
Number of Losing Months 2 of 3
Number of Winning Months 1 of 3

Last Trialed Period (last half of month) +26.21 pts

Profit/Loss since start of Review: – 57.6 pts

Note that this trial is but a 3 month snap shot of the overall service and in fairness, the service may have been in a temporary downswing. This is based upon its previous very positive pre-trial performance of + 263.81 pts to advised odds over a six month period. Nevertheless, for this trial a definite fail.

Update after six months

Given Snowy’s very positive previous track record, it was decided to extend the review for a further 3 months: 27th January 2017 to 26th April 2017. In this 3 month period, the service profited by 75.8 pts, which represents a very good return. Although this overall profit arose due to a spectacular 130.76 points profit during the 2017 Cheltenham Festival.

The initial three months (27th October 2016 to 26th January 2017) returned a loss of 55.6 pts. The overall profit/loss since the initial review start (27th October 2016) now stands at a profit of 20.3 pts.

Betting at £10 a point that gives a gross profit of £203.00 and after a six month service fee of £177, that gives a very modest net profit of £26.00.

I am happy to upgrade this service from Failed to Neutral.

Update March 2018

Since our last update this service has really come into form so I feel an update is appropriate.

Our last update went up to 26th April 2017 and since then the service has returned a very impressive 225 points to advised prices which were all easily attainable.

It’s clear that Snowy knows his stuff and in light of that I’m happy to move this to the Approved section and will continue to monitor performance over the year.

If you wish to try Snowy’s Bets you can get a two week trial for just £1.99 here:

Snowy Trial