This service has been in great form lately. The last four horses Snowy tipped (7/1, 11/1, 8/1, 5/1) have all won.

He has now banked his members 1,117.70pts profit since going live back in 2016. These stats are correct up to, and including, 09/10/19. Click here to download the full version of the results.

The guys at SureWin/TipsterPlatfoms back every bet too.

You can see from the bet slips below how they won £1,782.50 by following Snowy’s advice on Wednesday…and also having a sneaky Patent on the two main picks (Organdi and Irish Prophecy) and the optional third pick (Karakoram):

Snowy is a former postie turned pro punter, and he’s been making a living backing horses over 15 years. This is his sole source of income and he only concentrates on jump racing. This is the code he prefers and although there is NH action pretty much all-year-round these days the ‘real’ jumping season is not too far away.

If you wish to try Snowy’s Bets you can get a two week trial for just £1.99 here:

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