We’ve now been following this service for 2 months and it’s time to call a halt. As I said last week, I do think that this might well be worth a re-visit in the new season.

The selections arrive via an email which can be received pretty much anytime between midnight and lunchtime. I did have cause to contact support a few times with queries and am pleased to say I always received a reply. It’s not a normal email set up for support, you have to go to a website and raise a new ticket. You are then emailed when support have provided an answer.

Admin wise, this service is pretty good but not perfect. I’ve had several occasions where a bet is given out on the wrong day. One wasn’t their fault really as some bookmakers did have it listed for the day but it was in reality a week later, other examples were just given out incorrectly by the service and you needed to search around oddschecker to find out exactly when the game was being played. It’s a bit annoying but hardly a hanging offence. The odds they advise their bets at are usually getable and very often you can find better so they are certainly not cheating with those.

Performance wise, we started like a train (a Japanese bullet one at that) and quickly shot 160 points into profit within two weeks of the start. Sadly that was the high point and it all came off the rails.

By the end of the trial we were still 36.15 points in profit but the nose dive is very worrying and the strike rate has dropped to 48.48% the average odds are 2.26 but that has been slightly inflated by a few recent bets being Goalscorer and Result doubles, the R.O.I. is a rather anaemic 1.94%.

Although this trial has finished in profit, I really do not feel comfortable with Approving it due to the fact that if you’d joined anytime after the first two weeks you would be looking at a large loss.

I’m going to file this one under NEUTRAL for now and will plan to have another look around September time once all the big leagues are back in the swing of it.

Link to a spreadsheet showing all details of every football bet since the start:


You can try Soccer Bet Oracle here:



UPDATE  July 2012

I have been keeping track of this for the last few weeks and unfortunately the massive slump we saw towards the end of the trial has continued.

After yesterday’s bets, the bank has now lost around 20 points before membership subs are factored in.

I still plan to revist this once the new season is underway but I do feel that given the way the figures have plunged we should now file this under FAILED.

Pity, as the first 2 weeks of the trial were so spectacular but there may just be a chance that they can recapture that performance once the European big leagues return.