This is a one-off review for the Soccer Stato software.

This software is an absolute Godsend to anyone taking a serious interest in football betting or trading. By serious, I do not mean the daft sales pitch type talk about High-Roller, Huge Profit nonsense, I just mean someone who bets/trades regularly and bases their selections on stats.

What this does in literally a few seconds can save many hours of extremely boring jumping backwards and forwards across all the stats sites. As a result, it means your selections will be better researched and (hopefully) more profitable.

You log into the software and load up that day’s coupon. You can then (should you wish) get rid of any fixtures not going in-play on Betfair. Then you load up the statistics with one simple click. This just takes a few seconds but once it’s done you can filter the list down to just the games that match your specific needs.

It’s going to be impossible for me to get across just how powerful this is in a written review but I’ll do my best to give you a taster of it. Thankfully there’s a completely Free Trial lasting 14 days available and if you do bet regularly (esp at weekends) you’ll easily see just how brilliant this is.

Once you’ve got your coupon all loaded and the basic statistics displayed you can then load up the current Betfair prices for the markets you are interested in, all the markets on Betfair are available to view within the software.

Now the best part begins, you click on Filter and you can start narrowing things down to suit yourself. It is infinitely adjustable. In the Settings menu you can select how far back you want it to look for stats, how many Head-To-Head games to check etc. A really handy feature is that you can state what you consider to be late in a game for goals to be scored. So if you set it for 70 mins, when you get into the nitty-gritty of the in depth stats you can ask it to look at how often and/or how many goals are scored after that time during games involving the teams playing. Ideal for helping you decide whether you should hang on in there with a trade or bail out before it goes all wonky.

Another way to use this is to set up and save a system. You tell the software exactly which countries you want to look at, which statistics you want to see, whether to display them as number of games or as a percentage, which market prices to show you etc. The software saves this for you and you can process the entire coupon with 2 clicks of the mouse. You then have a a long list of all the games that match your criteria and all the stats and prices displayed alongside them. You can then use the Quick Filter function to remove any that do not meet your system’s rules, so if you are looking for goals you’d tell it to remove teams that have a high number of Under 1.5 games etc etc.

Once you’ve refined everything as far as you can, the best way forward (for me) is to export your list to Excel (again, this is a matter of a couple of clicks) for further analysis. There’s a huge amount of integration with Excel and the software will upload and work through your excel filters for you.

It really is impossible to do this justice in a review, I’ve had proper access to this for around 10 days and don’t really think I’ve tried everything out yet. There’s so many different angles to try and toys to play with. There’s also a members forum where you can get help, share hints & tips etc.

I use 3 or 4 main types of trading method for football and it can take me many hours to get all the info I need from all the different stat sites I like. As I only ever trade on games where I think there will be goals scored, I spent some time playing with the software and instructed it to look back over the last 10 games & show me fixtures with stats for 0-0 score lines for Home teams at Home & Away teams Away for both half time and full time scores. I also wanted to see stats for how often the team’s games went Over 1.5 & Over 2.5, how prone they were to scoring or conceding late goals. Knowing how often they were involved in Both Teams To Score matches is helpful. What happened in the last couple of Head-To-Head meetings is of interest (not too many as teams change so quickly these days).  I’d then want to see what prices were available for Under/Overs, BTTS, Result etc.

Once I’d set all that up and saved it on the software, I can just click on “Process System” and it’ll grab everything I want and show it all on one screen. That ends up making it a bit hard to read and to sort the wheat from the chaff, so that’s why the Export function is handy. So you can filter further by telling the software to remove any game that has stats that fall outside my comfort zone, so as an example just tell it to delete any game showing less that 60% for Over 1.5 etc, etc.

This gets you down to a much smaller and more manageable number of games that you are truly interested in.

I’m painfully aware how convoluted it all sounds. It is a little daunting when you first see it but it really is a doddle once you watch the tutorial videos. Don’t worry, they’re not too long or boring and will get you up and running in next to no time.

The pricing structure for this is a little different from the usual and at first glance it’s a bit off putting. It costs an initial £279, that buys you a 6 month license for the software. After that 6 month period you can renew for £30 a month. When I first saw the price I was quite taken aback by it and didn’t think there was much chance I’d want to pay that much, but having had it for getting on for two weeks the thought of going back to my old ways is not at all appealing and I have genuinely noticed an upturn in the quality of my selections. Obviously it’s not a miracle worker and I still have losses, bumps & scrapes but I know I’ve swerved some trouble and hit some winners purely down to this. There’s also the Late Goal data at hand. Again, it’s not a miracle worker but it lets you know the stats for what the teams have been doing late in games. So should you save yourself some money by Redding Up a small loss or Let It Ride as they’ve got form for scoring/conceding late on?

I did review and Approve the excellent Football Rating Service app last November, and that is still a very good and very cheap way of doing things if you have very basic criteria. But Soccer Stato is an entirely different beast. If you work out the price on a daily cost basis, it’s £1.50 (ish) a day for 6 months, then £1 a day after that. A big outlay at first but in all honesty I’d pay £1.50 to have someone do the donkey work for me. But then I do look to see if there are any trades I’m interested in almost every day. This helps save me loads of time and because I have all the stats instantly to hand it vastly improves my match selection and therefore my bottom line so pretty much paying its way financially as well as timewise.

When you think there’s usually 200+ games on a Saturday and/or Sunday Betfair coupon and (once you set up your systems in the software) you can narrow that down to the dozen or so that you may actually be interested in within a minute or so and sorting wheat from chaff is aided even further with the “Quick Filters”, it’s easy to see why this is just so good. I have no hesitation in saying I think it’s worth the money. If you only have the odd bet now and again or if you bet use just your own opinion of who will win then it’s probably not for you but I’d still urge you to view the videos and play with the 14 day free trial as it may well show you how much you could improve your methods. If I were you, I’d start my trial on a Wednesday or Thursday so you’ve got a few quieter days to get your head around how it works before the weekend’s monster coupons. I’ve only really scratched the surface of it’s features here.

You can watch the videos before signing up HERE (click on “Tutorials” on the top right). Then register and sign up for the 14 day free trial. You’ll certainly be able to tell whether it’s value for money for you or not. I’m convinced it is for me. If you don’t fancy it after trying it out then don’t sign up, but it’ll cost you nowt to find out. I should also mention that the videos are a couple of months old and there have been even more improvements since they were made. But even in this older version you can see value of it.

APPROVED (with bells on).Approved2

I will be buying a 6 month subscription with my own money. No mates-rates. I’m in.

Try Soccer Stato FREE for 14 days here: