I’m going to running the rule over Soccer Stats Betting, a new tipster service advising stats based bets on English and European football.

Looking at the website we can see the owner has put up his own results for the last few months and the type of bet he goes for. He seems to be aiming at the Under/Overs, Both To Score as well as Straight Win bets.

The claimed strike rate for the last 5 seasons of results averages out around 70% and the results published for this season so far are a little below that average. Obviously, strike rate alone is useless as a measure of success so we need to see how these perform live for ourselves.

There was a short delay in my getting set up for this trial and, due to the crossfire of emails, I did not get access to last weekend’s bets until around 20 minutes after kick off so was unable to record them as part of the trial because I could not get accurate prices for them. I’m pleased to say that 4 of the 5 won and the losing bet was a near miss. I have carefully checked those results to make sure they were not “After Timed” at all and can say they were not. There was no indication of how the game was playing out when the email arrived. At a guess, I would say the odds would have been around the 1.80 mark for those bets, so it would have been a winning weekend.

The subscription for this service is a refreshingly low £10 a month via Paypal and there’s a 30 day money back guarantee if you are not happy with the service. So far all my emails and questions have been answered quickly and politely, which is a good sign.

Selections are obtained by logging into the website. The bets seem to be provided well in advance as the whole of this week’s bets are now listed in the members area. The first 3 bets are for tonight, so fingers crossed that we get off to a winning start.

Check it out here: