Steve Davidson, the Kiwi expat, has been running his Winningmore website for many years. He first came to my attention with his All By The Book system which we reviewed and passed nearly a decade ago, and which led to me losing most of my bookie accounts (which means I won). Steve understands that most of us don’t necessarily want to trawl through spreadsheets and web pages for stats, and decided to go down the betting bot route with the help of his coding partner Michael. I met Steve at a seminar at Charlton FC some years ago when he was over to promote a Betfair trading service with a fellow antipodean. We had a lot of laughs and a few beers!

Anyway, I’ve had a preview of the latest bot from these guys, Soccer Stats Bot, and what I do love about it is that it combines the bets and the stats into one bot, so you don’t have to do anything once you’ve set up your chosen filters. You set it up on a VPS, and let it run (of course, you don’t HAVE to use a VPS if you want to run it from your own computer).

The bot links to Betfair and the winningmore data feed to look at statistics on the teams playing in the league match.

You can input conditions, like the “Minimum Rank” difference in the teams. For example, if you put a minimum rank of 6, it means that the team you are betting must be ranked in the league ladder 6 positions higher or more than the team it is playing.

And this is only one of many options you can include in your filters.

• Novice or Experience football punter, easy to use, use prices only or the more complex statistics variants.

• Bets on all leagues (covered by Betfair) all year round.

• Set variants on prices, and liquidity.

• Set variants on 16 different hard to find statistics, you have them live streamed into the bot.

• 10 markets are covered in the bot.

• Two staking options, Level and Stop at a winner target staking.

• Bets into Betfair computer, ability to wager small amounts if you like.

• Can run 24/7 on your PC or VPS.

• Records all the transactions, that can be exported into Excel.

• Bets are based on stats + price = deadly combination.

• Transfer money between staking tabs, from losing columns to winning columns, better money management.

You can run 3 different back strats and 3 lay strats at the same time. You will have your own strat ideas, but to get you up and running, there are seven profitable strats suggested on the website. You can head over now and download the manual and follow the online tutorials before you sign up.

Soccer Stats Bot has taken a long time to develop with its high level of sophistication, but as with all their bots, they welcome feedback for further improvements. My own suggestion is that I would like it if you could tell the bot in advance which leagues you want to bet. As it stands at the moment, you have to uncheck the games you don’t want to bet, so if you’re not going all out on every league game, you can’t use the VPS. I would also like to see more flexibility on the stats. At the moment the stats look at matches played this season, and I want to look at just the most recent five games only.

But this is a great development, and I’m happy to endorse it.

You can have a look at Soccer Stats Bot here.