I’m going to be recording results for this system and its associated tipping service for the next few months.

I actually started the trial last Thursday (23/10) and things have gone quite well so far.

When you decide to purchase via Clickbank, you have the choice of either just buying the ebook for £34.99 (+vat),  or buying the book and subscribing to the tipping service that will allow you to receive emails with the selections made for you. This latter part costs £34.99 for the book plus £9.99 per month for the tipping service, or you can pay £79.99 and get the book and an annual membership to the tipping service.

Whichever version you sign up to, you will also receive an Excel based Balance-Tracker sheet that records all relevant details and works out the stake for the next bet.

The ebook is fairly short but is fully comprehensive. It’s very clearly set out and easy to read. Their selection process is fully explained and is a doddle understand. There aren’t too many rules but those that there are, are extremely sensible filters that should weed out the majority of potential upsets. It takes around 10 minutes (more on a weekend) to identify selections. The rules are very clear and there’s shouldn’t be any ambiguity as to whether a game qualifies or not.

There’s plenty of sensible advice on how to manage the bank, including a very good section on when and how to take profit out as your bottom line climbs higher.

The system allows for up to 3 selections per day, you would be unlikely to find more than that during the week. You may well find more qualifiers at weekends and (if you haven’t joined the tipping service) it’s up to you to pick the best 3 of the day. Members of the tipping service will be given the owner’s official best picks.

The power of this system lies with both the sensible, rigorous selection criteria and the staking method provided. The staking method is an aggressive one but the type of selections you are making should result in a high strike rate that will cope with this aggressive approach and build your bank quite quickly. There is a section in the book on choosing a risk level you are comfortable with, you can turn it down a bit if you are more risk adverse.

As I’ve said in other trials, Level Stakes are the best way to look at long term chances of success, so I will be keeping a record of that figure alongside the official results for comparison purposes.

For tipping service members, the daily email is received in the evening and contains the following day’s selections. Again, everything is clear as day and no problems with ambiguity should arise.

I have been going through the manual selection process and have, so far, always come up with the same bets as were included in the email. I did have one question to ask and did receive a prompt and polite response.

All seems quite positive so far and there’s the comfort of a money back guarantee if you decide it isn’t for you.

There is a week’s free trial of selections available. That will give you a taste of the type of selection they make but you’ll need to purchase the system itself to get the all important Balance-Tracker sheet and staking plan that are used to make the most of the profits.

For the duration of the trial, I’ll be taking this on using the full method and not using the risk adverse technique.


Bets 8

Wins 7

Profit (official) +0.62 points


Level Stake Equiv  + 0.67 points