Apologies for the delay in wrapping this one up, I was unable to get online much over the weekend.

I stopped recording results on Friday 7th June and the final bank figure was 379.72 points from a starting point of 250.

The profit of 129.72 points was achieved over a period of just a few days over 3 months, the minimum subscription period available is 90 days at a cost of £58.80 inc V.A.T.

I understand that they have had a couple of losing days since I stopped recording, so I would say that after the subscription fee and this weekend’s losses have been factored in you would have made a profit of around 30 points over the course of the trial, if betting at £1 a point.

As I have stated many times during the trial, this is a Feast & Famine type affair with many partially lost bets, several small wins and the odd bumper payday.

As it only involves the Lucky 15 bet, you have to be careful which bookmaker you use. Bet365 is the best one I could find as they pay the all important bonuses on the outright result of a match rather than on the correct scores that other bookies pay.

There were 2 Lucky 15 bets placed everyday (bar one) during the trial, so that’s a total of 30 points staked per day. Given that figure, I would say that the starting bank of 250 points is too low for my tastes. I don’t think that staking over 10% of your bank a day is advisable. Bank management is always critical to any betting project and I would say it’s doubly essential with something like this, where you are staking many points a day and are going to suffer losing days on a regular basis.

You will need to set aside a reasonable amount of money for your bank, if you are going to make this worthwhile. I recorded everything at £1 a point and made an overall profit of around £70 (up to Friday and after taking off subs) which is pretty good going in anyone’s books. It does not sound much when spread across 3 months but a profit is a profit and there’s nothing to stop you betting at £2-£3 a point, anymore than that would mean very large stakes a day but that’s entirely up to you and your available bankroll.

I have found the proofing results kept by the service providers absolutely dead right throughout my trial and they record a profit of 792 points since they began in December 2012. I’m willing to accept that those figures are accurate given my findings over the last 3 months.

It’s an impressive total and I’m happy to file this under APPROVED.


You can subscribe to Soccer4mula here:




UPDATE 30/6/13


Further to my comments below Graham’s post about the discount offer for this service, I have to report that they have had a very torrid month since I finished the 3 month trial and approved it.

When the trial ended it had made a decent level of profit and (bearing in mind the caveats I inserted about starting bank level and small stakes) I had no real problem with Approving it, however I made a point of keeping track of the selections for a further month as I wanted to make sure.

Sadly the results have nosedived since our trial and, given that in the 4 months that I’ve now monitored it the bank has been as high as 620 points and as low as 150 points, I think I’d feel happier with this being listed under NEUTRAL.