Soccer4mula is a tipster service that specialises in providing selections for the Lucky 15 bet.

For those that don’t know, a Lucky 15 bet is a multiple bet spread across 4 selections. The total number of bets placed is 15 as you cover : 4single bets, 6 doubles, 4 trebles and a 4 fold. There are also bonuses given by most bookmakers. If you only get 1 winning selection you get paid at double the odds, if you get all 4 right you are paid a 10% bonus on top.

Selections are received daily (sometimes the night before games) via an email and there’s also a Member’s Area you can log into if you encounter any problems. So far all prices they have quoted have come from Bet365 and have been accurate.

The tipster advises that a 250 point bank should be used to start off with and the vast majority of bets will be 1 point Lucky 15s, so a total of 15 points are staked on each bet.

The minimum subscription period offered is 3 months and costs £49. That does seem reasonably fair as by the nature of these bets you are going to have losing runs but when the winners come you clean up. It would be tricky for anyone just joining for a week or two to see the full potential.

I’ve been receiving these bets since last weekend and they’ve done pretty well so far, from the starting bank of 250 points it now stands at 294.68 points after a decent win last night of 43.4 points. We also had the biggest loss so far on the same night, -6.59

As these are not as simple as straight win/lose bets, I won’t list them all here as it will quickly turn messy and hard to follow but I’ll upload my spreadsheet so you can see exactly what bets were made.

So, we’ve had a good start but let’s see how we go on from here before making any decisions.