I have been looking at Speed Form as a one off review. We do one-off reviews when it is unreasonable to expect that every user of a system or service will make identical selections. This is the case here as Speed Form is a ratings and form guide for UK racing.

The service costs £34.99 per month, and appears very comprehensive. The traffic light system helps to quickly analyse a race.

There is a guide suggesting one way to use the information. Using this guide in the place-only market generated some winners for me whilst I evaluated the service, something to ponder.

A purely personal approach, and wholly untested, is to start with the assumption that fast horses win. The contention by Speed Form is “Approximately 60% of all winners are found in the top 3 Speed Form (Master) rated horses.” Therefore, if I can find a fast horse in the conditions near the top of the ratings, that is probably my selection.

I also like to look at the favourite and see whether the ratings justify the price. Often there are many negatives to suggest a Lay of the favourite or some in-play trading.

You’ll formulate your own strategies.

Happy to approve of this service which, although it requires some effort, should improve your selection process.

You can get Speed Form here.