I do hope as many of you as possible were able to join in the free webinar that Rene held last Friday.

A bit of a pity that there were so few alerts, but at least it gave him plenty of time to show what we’re looking for on the Betfair charts when an alert does arrive.

It was also interesting to see him give some additional advice about trading in general, this is the area of betting that I use all the time and it was great to see that he also uses two of my absolute favourite services for help with in play trades. In-Play Football Scanner is an essential tool to keep track of how existing bets are getting on and, more importantly, you can set up your own criteria and it will find potential trades for you, it really is brilliant and is being improved all the time. He also uses the fantastic Goal Profits statistics to help him decide if a trade is worth getting involved in, it’s one of the most popular trading services available and is a gold mine as far as trading football is concerned. You can learn the basics and then develop your own systems and styles, put the work in and you’ll definitely be rewarded.

With Spikey itself, Rene did  mention the great Next Goal bet that he landed while I was speaking with him the previous week,  the following day (Friday 4th) I got an alert in the Indian Super Lge game for the Over 1.5 First Half market. It was around 20mins into the game and the price available was 3.55. I checked the chart and it did look very much along the lines of the ones Rene showed me. I placed the bet and waited. A goal went in a couple of minutes later, probably around the 25 min mark. Rather than green up or move it to a no lose situation, I decided to let it run and see what happened. I was just cursing myself for being greedy as it was about to hit half time, when the market went Suspended. A penalty was given 2 minutes into injury time. Obviously, without seeing the game it’s impossible to say what exactly happened but it did seem remarkably “Lucky” when there had been such a big marker on the chart. A very nice profit secured.

I’ve also had numerous other alerts, some have been of the same sort Rene was describing on Friday and many more have been the other “Weight of Money” types, where you get an Alert 2 or 4 going off. As Rene said, the majority of those are just background noise type bets but each is worth examining and I’ve been getting much better at learning which ones to ignore. I landed a nice Over 0.5 First Half bet this morning in a Greek Cup game.

I’m improving results as I get more experienced and I’m well on the way to having made the purchase price already, using pretty moderate staking. One thing I have been doing differently from Rene is that if a Lay Bet is signaled, I’ve been laying to 1 point of Liability, rather than 1 point Stake. I prefer that way as it balances out with the backing stakes of the same value.

I’ll give another update next week but I’m very pleased with how this is performing and the more I use it, the pickier I am becoming with the bets. It is important to re-stress what Rene said. This is not a tipping machine, you do have to make your own choices on whether an alert is genuinely a serious money driven one or if it is just normal betting moving the market.

The only downside to the way this works is that you do need to check the charts carefully when an Alert arrives, which can be time consuming and a bit fiddly if you’re using a smartphone. You do need to be able to take action as soon as the sms or email arrives. Worth bearing in mind, as the majority of bets do come through during the day.