I’m still doing well with Spikey Bot

I’m gaining experience with it and have been placing far fewer bets. I have now stopped using Alert 2, even with the settings turned up high, there were a lot of alerts coming through and they weren’t really paying off.

I managed to grab a couple of screenshots over the last couple of days that were quite interesting. I’ve removed a few of the details to protect what we’re looking for, but anyone who sat in on the webinar will recognise this great signal from South America on Saturday:

spikey win

As you can see, absolutely nothing happening betting wise then a huge lump on. Needless to say, the bet landed very soon after and a cracking profit achieved.

The other screenshot I took was of my very first Alert 3. The alert arrived around 20mins before kick off and I was able to get £50 matched at 10 on Betfair.

By kick off time, I couldn’t green up as the price hadn’t really moved anywhere and I started to think that maybe I’d fallen for a false signal. I decided to leave it go inplay and see what happened.

The underdog took the lead reasonable early on in the 1st half and I decided to start laying off liability in a drip feed manner. The longer the half went on, the quicker the price fell and I was able to clear liabilities and ensure a profit quite easily. There was even a missed penalty by the favourite. As it turns out,  I was right to take the action I did as there was another penalty awarded with pretty much last kick of the half. This one was scored, so the bet was in fact a loser but I’d already secured a profit and could have greened up for much more had the game not gone against me at the last second. I’m using my testing account so the commission isn’t very heavily discounted, meaning these figures were easily doable.

spikey win 2

Spikey Bot is working really well for me now that I’m starting to really get the hang of it.

It may well be expensive to buy but it’s certainly been showing itself to be well worth it.

I think this is going to be brilliant for the people that have the time and opportunity to use it properly after spending a while getting used to it and learning which signals to ignore.

I really wouldn’t recommend it to anyone who wants to have bets simply supplied to them. When you receive an alert either by email or by the optional extra service of SMS notification (€29 for 100 alerts) you do need to be able to look at the Betfair charts to decide whether you’ll take the bet or not. The vast majority of them are of no use to us and are merely normal punters going about their business.

This isn’t the official write up and verdict of the bot but I’m just getting those facts out there so that you can decide whether you’ll be able to take a serious interest in this or not.