Rene from Insider Tipps has developed an unusual and very exciting bit of software that looks like it can give you a massively unfair advantage over your fellow Betfair punters. Whilst not illegal, some might say this is definitely skirting along the edges of fair play, but I’m of the opinion that all we are doing is using software to see what the Betfair market is doing and reacting to it.

I’ll leave Rene to explain how it works…..

I’m sure we’re all aware that there are dodgy betting practices happening all the time. I’m not just talking about the stuff we see in the movies, where gangsters bet a hundred grand on the favoured boxer to get KO’d in the fifth round. You will have seen on the news famous criketers or footballers under investigation by the authorities for ‘unusual betting patterns’, and the subsequent disgrace of said professional players as they have been found guilty of match fixing and insider trading.

But how do they get caught?

What usually happens is that a large amount of money is bet on an obscure market, at an obscure time, usually offering very good odds and then that bet goes on to win. This immediately gets the bookmaker, or betting exchange, asking questions. Someone, somewhere is ‘in the know’ about something and has bet a large amount of money on this knowledge. If a link can be found between the players concerned, and the people doing the betting, then prosecutions can be made.

Have a look at this game below from the French 2nd league between Caen and Clermont. This even made the headlines. One day before match day, there was a couple of thousand euros bet on the Half Time/Full Time outcome of 2/1. This basically means that the away team leads by half time but by the full time the home team wins by this particular scoreline.


Now, this may not sound very significant but if you look at every other market on this game there was zero turnover. No interest whatsoever.

Then, just before kick off, there was a massive amount of money traded on exactly this outcome. More than €100,000 on this HT/FT market; way more than on the match odds and Over 2.5 markets combined.

And I’m sure by now you can guess the result…

A couple of days later we see the same pattern in Japan with Hiroshima-Kawasaki:


Again the only market with ANY volume was the HT/FT market for an eventual 2/1 Win, as above. You can see well over 5k has already been traded with NO VOLUME traded on ANY other market in this game. Now see what happened a couple of hours later…


The odds heavily plummeted from 29/1 with various high street bookies earlier in the day and again, the result was exactly as the market suggested.

Now of course it’s impossible for us to know what is happening behind the scenes, but I’m sure you can imagine the possibilites available to anyone that can spot betting patterns like this as they are happening!

I happened to spot this one and I bet on the HT/FT income at between 20/1-30/1 with almost every bookmaker that would take the bet. As the odds steamed in, I traded out at around 10/1 giving me a very nice risk free bet. Of course, the bet still went on to win netting me a four figure win. And if it had lost, I would have broken even.

As I looked at my winnings, I had an idea.

That idea led to me spending a fairly substantial amount on programmers, hundreds of hours of coding, many frustrations, many developments and sleepless nights. Eighteen months later we had cracked it.

My idea was to find a way to spot these unusual betting patterns automatically, and to be alerted when they occur so that I could jump on them myself. Even if the bets went on to lose it wouldn’t matter because the lumping on of cash in small markets always causes the odds to plummet, creating the perfect situation for trading out if I wanted to. Or I could simply back these bets myself and hope that ‘those in the know’ knew what they were doing.

Either way, it was an exciting proposition.

And so I developed Spikey Bot, named after the ‘spike’ in the Betfair market caused by large volumes of money matched in a very short timeframe.


Spikey runs quietly; efficiently scanning all the In Play markets searching for these specific large volumes. Once it spots an opportunity it sends you an alert:


Alerts are also sent to your e-mail address and, if you wish, as a message to your phone.

Now, instead of just spotting these opportunities by chance, I have a bot that works all day actively looking for them and telling me when they are happening.

I made the bot customizable too.

To save scanning speed and memory you can disable certain countries just by unticking them:


Spikey is able to cover ALL markets on Betfair although personally I only choose a couple of markets to save resources:


I have created five systems to use with Spikey, and personally use three of them myself:

Alert 2: Correlation of Odds and Traded Volume. In an efficient market more money will be traded the lower the odds get. If that’s not the case then Spikey will alert you.

Here is a very recent example for you Celtic fans. This was the alert I got on my mobile before the match:


A lot of money had gone on Leigh Griffiths being the first goal scorer, so I followed it.

It took just three minutes for me to collect on this bet:

Alert 3: This is for HT/FT discrepancies where we can take advantage of early money lumped on in the Betfair market as shown in our examples above.
Alert 5: This is my favorite and most successfull one. Look at these few examples and I’m sure you’ll be stunned!

In this game between Amkar and Terek Grozny the markets are sleeping but all of a sudden there appears a Lay bet for 20k lumped in. Very shortly afterwards the goal comes in:


Coincidence? You decide.

Here’s another Spike in this South American game. Money comes flooding into the market and… GOAL!



Here the odds skyrocket from under 1.25 up to 3.0 for a very nice trade, again you can see the volume spike just before:


And look at this. The heavy, red hot, unbeatable 1/5 favourite is behind in the game; nothing serious you might think. Things like this happen every day, right? But look what’s going on when the Ref blows his whistle for Half Time. Some well informed people started to back the favorite extremely heavily; despite the fact it’s lagging a goal and half of the game has already gone!

Of course, you can guess the outcome:

Spikey Bot is the ULTIMATE betting tool. I now have the ability to bet where the ‘smart’ money is being bet. No second guessing, no having to sit and hope I spot something in some obscure market somewhere. I have a piece of software that works all day long searching for the smart money, and alerting me exactly where it is happening as it is happening.

I don’t have ‘insider information’, I don’t need it. The Betfair market tells me all I need to know and my software allows me to spot it instantly.

And now you can too!

The Betfair market is huge. I’ve only scratched the surface here and there’s plenty of opportunites available for you to get a piece of the action too.

If you would like to have Spikey Bot working for you, alerting you to unusual betting patterns so that you can either copy them, or trade them out for very profitable risk free bets, then you are invited to purchase a lifetime license to Spikey Bot for a one off fee of just €397.

It’s possible that just one alert could pay for this software and you then have it working for you for life, scanning the markets and finding profitable betting and trading opportunities indefintely.

Full details here: