Day 12 – 23 February

Event Stake Odds Profit Balance
Indiana + Philly £        18.00 2.8 £    30.78 £  3,117.02
Bulls + Magic £        55.00 3.75 -£    55.00 £  3,062.02


We are nowhere near the end of this trial as yet, but the paid service starts next week (1st March) so a little comment is appropriate.

12 days has seen a profit of some 6.2 points. The main culprit for the losses has been the trebles, and I believe Tom has recognised this and will steer away from these in the future. Unverified (by this site) results show +233 points for NBA not including today’s results and +409 for NFL. This is 640+ points since 19th September, or roughly 100 points per month. At £10 per point that’s a welcome £1k per month.

Given recent events, one is wary about endorsing a service before full trial results are known. However, this service has started well, and perhaps may be worth subscribing too next week.