Day 13 – 25 February

Event Stake Odds Profit Balance
Indiana + Orlando £        11.00 1.89 -£    11.00 £  3,051.02
Charlotte + San Antonio £        68.00 1.71 £    48.28 £  3,099.30


We are nowhere near the end of this trial as yet, but the paid service starts next week (1st March) so a little comment is appropriate. 13 days has seen a profit of some 9.9 points.

Given recent events, one is wary about endorsing a service before full trial results are known. However, this service has started well, and perhaps may be worth subscribing too next week.

Please note that I received this email, which I have edited to remove news for trail subscription members.

“Hopefully you have enjoyed my direct, profitable and straight forward service. Making profits from US sports and Basketball is a real possibility and my record over the previous seasons prove (sic) this.

So far over the free trial period we are in profit to the tune of 35.16 units and I expect that to continue to the end of the season.

Our record for the season so far breaks down as follows;

55 Number of bets with a 55% percentage strike rate and over 35 points profit.

My total season profit stands at just over 250 units, The NBA season will be continuing until the mid of June. I strongly suggest you open an account with American Bookmakers to get the best odds for NBA !

We go live on the 1st March @ 10 am GMT so if you want to join me then I hope you do.

However this is the second piece of bad news … I only have a limited number of season ticket spaces available so you will have to act fast on 1st March.”