As the NBA season is now in the play-offs, it appears that selections have ceased, which is fair enough. This allows me the opportunity to give the first review of this service.


Sports Betting Dynamics is a subscription service where you receive selections via e-mail on American sports: Basketball, Rounders (aka Baseball) and what American’s laughingly call Football. You also get staking advice and it is vital that this is followed as per instruction.


I have been recording results of the Basketball since 8th February, so had a full 2-month run at this. Using a £3000 bank so that I can stake at £10 per point, the Basketball ended at £2, 946. As the bank nearly touched a low of £2,000 this is an impressive recovery, and the service was doing well (ish) until a run of poor results. I say well-ish as the bank high was £3, 198.


Tom has always answered my emails promptly, allowing for difference in timezone. So no issues there.


I would veer towards failed for this due to no profit after 2 months to which subscription fees need to be added. However the recovery indicates that the service has promise so I will go NEUTRAL at this point. On the plus side, I have had some very nasty experiences with selection services for American sports; at least this service appears to be genuine.


The blog is continuing with the Rounders (Baseball) and if I have the stamina I’ll take this through the NFL selections too.