Sports Betting Dynamics Final Review

I have been looking at the Sports Betting Dynamics; a service for American sports and so due to the time of year was predominantly NBA (basketball) for this review. I started the trail on 8th February and with Dallas’ win last night the NBA season is over, so this look like an opportune moment to wrap this up.

What you receive is an email containing the day’s bet and recommended bookmaker (normally Pinnacle or 5Dimes, American bookmakers, but bets are normally available on Bet365 too) to place the bet with.

I used a flat £10 stake using Tom’s staking plan.

NBA finished £631 up but had a drawdown of £970 at one point.

During this trail the Baseball season started. This is currently £190 down.

Other sports such as Cricket, (Russian) Football, Women’s Basketball and the Ultimate Fighting Championship have also been bet on. This is £147 up.

So, in total we have made a tad under £600 to £10 stakes in roughly 5 months. Remove subscription costs and this is not a brilliant return. You’ll need very deep pokets, or a long time to build up a bank, to make a decent return.

Another source of concern is the staking plan. The size of the bets seem to increase dramatically when already in the hole. Fine, these worked out and NBA had a significant recovery. However, you need strong nerves to play at these stakes when your bank is already 30% down and you are in the midst of a very poor run.

So, with the poor return on investment I categorise Sports Betting Dynamics as NEUTRAL.  I feel staking plan is at best “iffy” and does not persuade me to adjust this rating.

You can join Sports Betting Dynamics here: