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Trial Started; 9/9/13

Current bet level:  Bet Level 1 

Georgia State -7 over Cansius (NCAA College Basketball) 71-79  -1.1pt

Current Bank Day 77; +20.08pts

Extra picks for today:

Wagner -8½ over Stenson (NCAA College Basketball) 64-81 +0.95pt

Syracuse -3 over Minnesota (NCAA College Basketball) 75-67  +0.91pt

Washington Redskins +5 over the San Francisco 49ers 
(NFL Football6
27 -1pt

DAILY P/L; +0.86PTS TRIAL P/L 2.71PTS  WON 110 LOST 110  VOID 1


Current bet level:  Bet Level 3 

Miami Dolphins +4.5 over the Carolina Panthers (NFL Football) 1.97 (Marathonbet)X 4.85PT 162+4.71pt

Current Bank Day 76; +21.18pts

Extra picks for today:

Dallas Cowboys +2.5 over the New York Giants  (NFL Football) 21-24 +1.08pt

Cleveland Browns -1 over the Pittsburgh Steelers (NFL Football) 1127 -1pt

San Diego Chargers +3.5 over the Kansas City Chiefs (NFL Football)  38-41 +0.95pt

DAILY P/L; +1.03PTS TRIAL P/L 3.57PTS  WON 108 LOST 109  VOID 1


Current bet level:  Bet Level 2 

Houston -2.5 over Cincinnati (NCAA College Football) 172LOST 2.31PT

Current Bank Day 75; +16.47pts

Extra picks for today:

Iowa -6 over Michigan (NCAA College Football) 2421 – Early Play LOST 1PT

Memphis +23 over Louisville (NCAA College Football) 24-17 – Early Play +0.91PT

Wisconsin -16.5 over Minnesota 
(NCAA College Football) 7-20 – Early Play LOST 1PT

DAILY P/L;  –1.09PTS TRIAL P/L 4.6PTS  WON 106 LOST 108  VOID 1


Current bet level:  Bet Level 1

Northwestern -16 over IUPUI (NCAA College Basketball63-61 LOST 1.1PT

Current Bank Day 74; +18.78pts

Extra picks for today:

Florida State +3 over Michigan ? (NCAA College Basketball) ?Another error? VA Commonwealth? 67-85 ???? VOID

Providence -7.5 over Vanderbilt  (NCAA College Basketball) 60-67 LOST 1PT

San Jose State -2 over Navy (NCAA College Football) 52-58  LOST 1PT



Current bet level:  Bet Level 3

Central Florida +8 over Miami (NCAA College Basketball) 1.95 X 4.85PT 58-63+4.61pt Handicap not required!

Current Bank Day 73; +19.88pts

Back to the total @day 41!

Extra picks for today:

Florida State +8 over Virginia Commonwealth (NCAA College Basketball)  67-85 +0.91pt  Handicap not required!

Connecticut / Boston College UNDER 151½ (Total Points Scored in Game) (NCAA College Basketball) LOST 1PT

Kent State -9 over Western Carolina (NCAA College Basketball72 -59 +0.91pt

DAILY P/L; +0.82PTS TRIAL P/L 1.51PTS  WON 105 LOST 104

Highest Points Total; +12.2pts   Lowest Points Total; -6.93pts


Current bet level:  Bet Level 2 

Toledo +2.5 (buy half point to +3) over Northern Illinois (NCAA College Football) 1.95 X  2.31PT LOST 2.31PT

Current Bank Day 72; +15.27pts

Extra picks for today:

New York Knicks +6.5 (spread) over the Indiana Pacers (NBA Basketball) 96-103 AOT LOST 1PT

Georgia Tech -7 (spread) over Dayton (NCAA College Basketball) LOST 1PT

Wichita State -5.5 (spread) over Tulsa (NCAA College Basketball) 54-77 +0.91PT

DAILY P/L; -1.09PTS TRIAL P/L 2.33PTS  WON 103 LOST 103