For an explanation of the system you will need to view the first post HERE!
Trial Started; 9/9/13
The latest update sees the highest profit to date with the run of 6 consecutive losses on days 51-53 now being fully recovered. There has not been any more level 4 bets although there have been a handful at level 3. The extra picks have gone from bad to worse and reached their lowest point so far after well over 200 bets!
The upcoming week is the last of our 3 month trial so final verdict will be delivered next week.

Current bet level:  Bet Level 3

Houston +7 (buy half point to +7.5) over the New England Patriots  (Spread Bet) (NFL Football) 1.95 (BV) x 4.85pt  31-34  +4.61pts

Current Bank Day 83; +25.6pts

Extra picks for today:

Atlanta Falcons +4 over the Buffalo Bills (Spread Bet) (NFL Football) 31-34 aot +1pt

Kansas City Chiefs +6.5 over the Denver Broncos (Spread Bet) (NFL Football) 28-35  -1pt

Cincinnati -1 over the San Diego Chargers (Spread Bet) (NFL Football)  10-17 +0.97pt

DAILY P/L; +0.97PTS TRIAL P/L 5.56PTS  WON 118 LOST 120  VOID 1


Current bet level:  Bet Level 2

Clemson +3 over South Carolina  (Spread Bet) (NCAA College Football) 31-17   -2.31pt

Current Bank Day 82; +20.99pts

Extra picks for today:

Florida State / Florida OVER 47 (Total Points Bet) (NCAA College Football)  7-37 -1pt

Auburn +10.5 over Alabama 
(Spread Bet) (NCAA College Football) 34-28 +0.91pt

Georgia -3 over Georgia Tech (Spread Bet) (NCAA College Football)  34-41 AOT   +1PT

DAILY P/L; +0.91PTS TRIAL P/L 6.53PTS  WON 116 LOST 119  VOID 1


Current bet level:  Bet Level 1

FIU / Florida Atlantic OVER 43½  (Total Points Bet) (NCAA College Football) 1.76  21-6 -1.1PT

Current Bank Day 81; +23.3pts

Extra picks for today:

Nebraska -2½ over Iowa  (NCAA College Football17-38  -1PT

Massachusetts / Ohio UNDER 52  (Total Points Bet) (NCAA College Football) 51-23 -1PT

Fresno State / San Jose State OVER 71½  (Total Points Bet) (NCAA College Football) 62-52 +0.91PT

DAILY P/L; -1.09PTS TRIAL P/L 7.44PTS  WON 114 LOST 118  VOID 1

A new low for the experts after 232 bets!


Current bet level:  Bet Level 1

Detroit Lions -6½ over the Green Bay Packers (Spread Bet) (NFL Football) 1.95 (BVic) 40-10  +1.05pt

Current Bank Day 80; +24.4pts

Extra picks for today:

Oakland Raiders / Dallas Cowboys OVER 48 (Total Points Bet) (NFL Football)  31-2+0.71PT

Baltimore Ravens -2½ over the Pittsburgh Steelers (Spread Bet) (NFL Football) LOST -1PT

Iowa -4½ over Xavier 
(Spread Bet) (NCAA College Basketball) 77-74 (AOT)

DAILY P/L; -1.29PTS TRIAL P/L 6.35PTS  WON 113 LOST 116  VOID 1

Highest Points Total; +12.2pts   Lowest Points Total; -6.93pts


Current bet level:  Bet Level 1 

Duke -8 over Alabama (Spread Bet) (NCAA College Basketball) 1.83 74-64 +0.91pt

Current Bank Day 79; +23.19pts

Extra picks for today:

Arizona -12 over Drexel (Spread Bet) (NCAA College Basketball)  66-6-1pt

Dayton +2 over California (Spread Bet) (NCAA College Basketball) 82 -64 +0.63pt

Louisiana Tech -6½ over Saint Bonaventure 
(Spread Bet) (NCAA College Basketball) 7

DAILY P/L; -1.27PTS TRIAL P/L 5.06PTS  WON 112 LOST 114  VOID 1


Current bet level:  Bet Level 2  

George Mason +6 over Princeton (Spread Bet) (NCAA College Basketball) 1.95 B365 71-66 +2.2PT

Current Bank Day 78; +22.28pts

Extra picks for today:

Wisconsin -2.5 over Saint Louis (Spread Bet) (NCAA College Basketball)  63-57 +0.91PT

Golden State Warriors -2 over the New Orleans Pelicans (Spread Bet) (NBA Basketball) 101-102  -1PT

Toronto Raptors / Brooklyn Nets under 191 (Total Points Scored in Game) 
(NBA Basketball) 100-10
2 -1PT

DAILY P/L; -1.08PTS TRIAL P/L 3.79PTS  WON 111 LOST 112  VOID 1