Trial Start Date; 9/9/13

Current bet level:  Bet Level 2  Stake is 2.31pts

East Carolina +13 over North Carolina (NCAA College Football) 1.83 B365 STAKE 2.31pts –  5:30 PM GMT 31-55 WON 1.92pts

Current Bank Day 20; +11.16pts

Handicap (spread) not needed – would have been an excellent straight bet! 10 days left for the initial month and we are over 11pts up – So using a starting stake of £10 a point the profit has built up to £111.60. The suggested monthly profit for this starting stake level was £150 – £300 with an £185 bank. Results so far would confirm this. It will take more than a month to reach the required bank for doubling the stake but two months should be attainable at this rate…But it could also blow up although as yet the supporting £185 bank has not been seriously threatened despite there being 2 sequences which reached level 3.

Extra Bets

Clemson -28 over Wake Forest (NCAA College Football) 1.91 56-7 WON 0.91PTS

Florida -12 over Kentucky (NCAA College Football) 2.0 B365  7-24 WON 1.0PT

Washington -9.5 (buy half pt to -9) over Arizona  (NCAA College Football) 2.0 B365 31-13 WON  1.0PT

A clean sweep and the extra bets are clawing their way back to profit!

DAILY P/L; +2.91PTS  TRIAL P/L -2.29PTS  WON 32 LOST 28


Current bet level:  Bet Level 1

Boston Red Sox / Baltimore Orioles UNDER 8 (Total Runs Scored in Game) (MLB Baseball) 3-12 LOST 1.1PTS

Current Bank Day 19; +9.24pts

Extra Bets

San Jose State +10 over Utah State (NCAA College Football) 12-40  LOST 1PT

San Diego Padres / San Francisco Giants UNDER 7 (Total Runs Scored in Game)(MLB Baseball) 7-3 LOST -1PT

Milwaukee Brewers / New York Mets UNDER 7 (Total Runs Scored in Game) (MLB Baseball) 1.83 WHill 2-4 WON 0.83pts

DAILY P/L; -1.17PTS  TRIAL P/L -5.2PTS  WON 29 LOST 28


Current bet level:  Bet Level 2

Virginia Tech +7 (buy half point to +7.5) over Georgia Tech (NCAA College Football) +7 is  [email protected] / +7.5 is [email protected] x 2.1pts 10-17

WON 1.68PTS I took the +7.5 option – unecessary as it turned out – as was +7!

Current Bank Day 18; +10.34pts

Another second step stake recovery+ sees the system break 10pts

Extra Bets

San Francisco 49ers / St. Louis Rams OVER 42 (Total Points Scored in Game) (NFL Football) 1.9 Winner 11-35 WON 0.9pts

San Francisco 49ers -3.5 (buy half point to -3) over the St. Louis Rams  (NFL Football) 1.83 PP WON 0.83PTS

Tampa Bay Rays -127 over the New York Yankees (MLB Baseball) 1.8 WHill 0-4 WON 0.8PTS

DAILY P/L; +2.53PTS  TRIAL P/L -4.03PTS  WON 28 LOST 26