As we come to the end of the first month we are faced with a level 3 bet – will we have to go to level 4 for the first time? Or will the selection secure the pot? Find out tomorrow!

Here is a round-up of results for the past week;

Trial Start Date; 9/9/13

Current bet level:  Bet Level 2

Bet Level 2: Carolina Panthers -2.5 (buy half pt to -2) over the Arizona Cardinals (NFL Football)  X 2.31PTS  22-6 LOST 2.31PTS

Current Bank Day 28; +10.89pts

Next stake for bet level 3 is 4.85pts (squeaky bum time!)

Extra Bets

New England Patriots -1 over the Cincinnati Bengals (NFL Football)  13-6 LOST 1PT

Kansas City Chiefs -2.5 over the Tennessee Titans  (NFL Football) 1.95  17-26 WON 0.95PTS

Chicago Bears +1.5 over the New Orleans Saints (NFL Football)  18-26 LOST 1PT

DAILY P/L; -1.05PTs  TRIAL P/L -2.68PTS  WON 44 LOST 40

A third consecutive loss and the profit only lasted a day as the losses continue to catch up with the wins – something we don’t want to see!


Current bet level:  Bet Level 1

Maryland +16.5 (buy half pt to +17) over Florida State  (NCAA College Football) 1.91 x 1.1pts 63- 0! LOST (emphatically!)  -1.1pts

Current Bank Day 27; +13.2pts

Extra Bets

Penn State -3 over Indiana (NCAA College Football) 44-22  LOST 1PT

Cincinnati -11.5 over South Florida  (NCAA College Football) 26-20 LOST 1PT

Miami Florida -6.5 (buy half point to -6) over Georgia Tech (NCAA College Football)1.95 45-30 WON 0.95PTS

DAILY P/L; -1.05PTs  TRIAL P/L -1.63PTS  WON 43 LOST 38Another losing day, but only just!


Current bet level:  Bet Level 3  

Atlanta Braves -101(1.99) over the Los Angeles Dodgers  (MLB Baseball) 2.04 B365 4-3   x 4.41pts WON 4.59PTS

Current Bank Day 26; +14.3pts

Extra Bets

Nevada +6 over San Diego State (NCAA College Football)  51-44 (AOT) LOST 1PT

Tampa Bay Rays +129 over the Boston Red Sox  (MLB Baseball)  12-2 LOST 1PT

Detroit Tigers -122 over the Oakland Athletics (MLB Baseball)1.84 B365  3-2 WON 0.84PTS

DAILY P/L; -1.16PTs  TRIAL P/L 0.58PTS  WON 42 LOST 36

Back into the red!


Current bet level:  Bet Level 2 

Texas -7 over Iowa State  (NCAA College Football) 1.91 x 2.1pts 30-31 LOST 2.1PTS

Current Bank Day 25; +9.71pts

Next bet stake 2.1 x 2.1 = 4.41pts

Extra Bets

Cleveland Browns -3.5 (buy half pt to -3) over the Buffalo Bills (NFL Football)  1.91  WON 0.91PTS

Buffalo Bills / Cleveland Browns OVER 41 (Total Points Scored in Game)  (NFL Football) 1.91  37-24 WON  0.91PTS

Atlanta Braves +128 over the Los Angeles Dodgers (MLB Baseball) LOST 1PT

DAILY P/L; +0.82PTs  TRIAL P/L +0.58PTS  WON 41 LOST 34Into profit for the first time – day 25!


Current bet level:  Bet Level 1

Cleveland Indians +103 over the Tampa Bay Rays  (MLB Baseball) 0-4 LOST 1.0PT

Current Bank Day 24; +11.81pts

Next bet stake is 1 x 2.1 = 2.1pts

Extra Bets

Cleveland Indians / Tampa Bay Rays UNDER 7 (Total Runs Scored in Game) (MLB Baseball) 1.91  WON0.91pts

Anaheim/Colorado over 5½  (Total Goals Scored in Game)  (NHL Hockey1.92 Unibet 6-1 WON 0.92pts

Toronto/Philadelphia over 5½ (Total Goals Scored in Game) (NHL Hockey) 1-3 LOST 1PT

DAILY P/L; +0.83PTs  TRIAL P/L -0.24PTS  WON 39 LOST 33

Slowly getting there with two winners needed each day! A run of 3 needed now!

MLB Baseball  Bet Level 2 X 2.31PTS: Pittsburgh Pirates -138 (1.73) 1.77 WHill over the Cincinnati Reds  6-2 WON 1.7PTS

Current Bank Day 23; +12.81pts
Extra Bets
MLB Baseball; Pittsburgh Pirates / Cincinnati Reds UNDER 6.5 (Total Runs Scored in Game) LOST 1PT
NHL Hockey : Winnipeg Jets +123 (2.23) over Edmonton Oilers 2.3 PPower 4-5 WON  1.3pts
NHL Hockey: Washington/Chicago Over 5.5 (Total Goals Scored in Game) 2.05 BWIN 6-4 WON 1.05PTS
DAILY P/L; +1.35PTs  TRIAL P/L -1.07PTS  WON 37 LOST 32

Bet Level 1: Miami Dolphins +7 (buy half point to +7.5) over the New Orleans Saints +7 2.05 BVICTOR 38-17 LOST  1.1PT

Current Bank Day 22; +11.11pts

Extra Bets

NFL Football; Miami Dolphins / New Orleans Saints UNDER 48.5 (Total Points Scored) LOST 1PT

Tampa Bay Rays -115 over the Texas Rangers 2-5  WON 0.87PTS

Tampa Bay Rays / Texas Rangers OVER 7.5 (Total Runs Scored) LOST 1PT

DAILY P/L; 1.13PT  TRIAL P/L -2.42PTS  WON 35 LOST 31


Bet Level 1: Cleveland Browns +3.5 over the Cincinnati Bengals 1.95 BETVICTOR 17-6 WON  1.05PTS

Current Bank Day 21; +12.21pts

Extra Bets

NFL Football; Dallas Cowboys -1 over the San Diego Chargers LOST 1PT

NFL Football; Minnesota Vikings +2.5 (buy half pt to +3) over the Pittsburgh Steelers 2.05 B365  34-27 WON 1.05PTS

NFL Football; Indianapolis Colts -8 over the Jacksonville Jaguars  1.95 B365  3-37 WON 0,95PTS

DAILY P/L; +1.0PT  TRIAL P/L -1.29PTS  WON 34 LOST 29