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Trial Started; 9/9/13


It’s a big one…for the first time for this review we have a final progressive level 4 bet

Current bet level:  Bet Level 4

Memphis +2.5 (buy half point to +3) over Cincinnati (NCAA College Football) 1.96 Marathonbet x 10.19pts  21-34 LOST 10.19PTS


Current Bank Day 51; +7.37pts

Well the aim of doubling the bank in two months has gone but at least there is still a positive bank to work with. The losing sequence took away 18.45pts and the reported incidence rate of this only happening twice since this started sounds a bit hollow – back to where we were on 23/9/13.

Extra picks for today:

St. Louis Cardinals / Boston Red Sox OVER 7 (Total Runs Scored in Game) (MLB Baseball) 6-1 LOST 1PT

Boston Red Sox -121 (moneyline) over the St. Louis Cardinals   (MLB Baseball) WON 0.83PTS

Toronto Raptors -8 over the Boston Celtics  (NBA Basketball) 93-87 LOST 1PT

DAILY P/L; -1.17PTS TRIAL P/L +5.76PTS  WON 76 LOST 71

The poor run continues and after 147 ‘expert’ bets we have +5.76pts with 5 wins more than losses.