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Trial Started; 9/9/13


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Sports Cash System is back on fire with a HUGE win as Clemson crushed Virginia.  Members easily covered and are back to profiting!

No mention of the freezing cold blast of 6 consecutive losing selections before this and a loss of over 18pts – Oh well, if no more cold spells we should recuperate this in about 3 to 4 weeks – after all this is only the 3rd time this has ever happened…isn’t it?

Current bet level:  Bet Level 1 

Atlanta Falcons +7.5 over the Carolina Panthers (NFL Football) –  34-10 LOST 1.1PTS

Current Bank Day 55; +7.71pts

Another emphatic loss to start the sequence so 2.31pts for bet 2!

Extra picks for today:

Houston Texans +1 over the Indianapolis Colts  (NFL Football) 24-27 LOST 1PT

Pittsburgh Steelers +6 over the New England Patriots (NFL Football) 55-31 LOST 1PT

Seattle Seahawks -15 over the Tampa Bay Buccaneers (NFL Football) 27-24 AOT LOST 1PT


Down the greasy pole with a redwash and the chasing losses are on the march!


Current bet level:  Bet Level 3

Clemson -18 over Virginia  (NCAA College Football) 2.0 X 4.85PTS B365 10-59 WON 4.85PTS

Current Bank Day 54; +8.81pts

7th time lucky and back into the blue – 8 losses on the run would be very unlucky but certainly not impossible – get the coin out and have a go!

Extra picks for today:

Michigan State -4 over Michigan WON 0.91PTS

UCLA -28 over Colorado (NCAA College Football) 45-23 LOST 1PT

Georgia / Florida OVER 46 (Total Points Scored in Game) (NCAA College Football) 20-23 LOST 1PT

Just over 5% return on investment after 54 days – better than any bank at the moment!!

DAILY P/L; -1.09PTS TRIAL P/L +7.92PTS  WON 82 LOST 74


Current bet level:  Bet Level 2

Memphis Grizzlies / Detroit Pistons UNDER 188 (Total Points Scored in Game) (NBA Basketball) 111-108 LOST 2.31PTS

Current Bank Day 53; +3.96pts

Oh dear – a 6th consecutive loss from the experts and we have to dip into the bank for the next progressive bet – good job it never went beyond 4 – This is the problem with this type of betting – everything is ticking over nicely and then the inevitable happens. The endless promotion of the US bookie site and some other services leads one to believe that the fictional ‘Tommy Krieg’ (is it Frank Belenger?) makes his money from affiliate associations rather than the tips themselves.  It was always a mystery why past results were not shown on glossy site – past reviews seem to be the best source to find them! A pity one of the extra bets were not used today!

Extra picks for today:

Atlanta Hawks -2.5 over the Toronto Raptors WON 0.79PTS

Phoenix Suns / Utah Jazz UNDER 196½ (Total Points Scored in Game) (NBA Basketball) 1.88 87-84 WON 0.88PTS

USC +3.5 over Oregon State  (NCAA College Football) 2.05 14-31 WON 1.05PTS

A much needed full house

DAILY P/L; +2.72PTS TRIAL P/L +9.01PTS  WON 81 LOST 72


Current bet level:  Bet Level 1

Golden State Warriors +6.5 (buy half pt to +7) over the Los Angeles Clippers (NBA Basketball) 126 – 115 LOST 1.1PTS

Current Bank Day 52; +6.27pts

A 5th consecutive loss!

Extra picks for today:

Miami Dolphins / Cincinnati Bengals OVER 43 (Total Points Scored in Game) (NFL Football) 22-20 AOT LOST 1PT

Miami Dolphins +3 over the Cincinnati Bengals (NFL Football) 2.0 Winner WON 1PT

New York Rangers -191 (moneyline) over the Buffalo Sabres (NHL Hockey) 1.53 Winner 2-0 WON 0.53PTS

DAILY P/L; +0.53PTS TRIAL P/L +6.29PTS  WON 78 LOST 72