Sports Cash System

Sports Cash System

The crudely named ‘Sports Cash System’ (SCS) is an American tipping service which provides a daily pick from sports I have no knowlede of – sports from across the pond like baseball, basketball, ice hockey and American Football. I apologise immediately to followers and lovers of these sports but the fact I have not got a clue about them means I will have no preconceptions and will be betting blind while hopefully learning a little about the markets.

The daily pick is part of a progressive staking plan based on…the Martingale System…arghhh! I hear you cry. I have heard horror stories about the MS being used for Roulette but not so much for sports betting. As a cautious bettor/trader I have always avoided progressive betting systems and strategies so this trial will be a steep learning curve for me personally.

You can try the SCS for a five day trial for $4.95 (£3.15) after which it costs $149 (£94.88) a month. So this is not cheap and will need a sizeable bank to cover the running costs (see below). The website with its instructional videos is very slick and well presented and makes it clear how the system, or as I prefer to call it, the strategy works.

There is a team of experts who make the selections from the various sports using spreads (handicaps in my language) or moneyline (straight bets) markets which are close to evens i.e. 1.9+

The Strategy!

The strategy is based on a  series of 4 single consecutive bets. The first bet uses a starting amount that you are comfortable with as the Martingale strategy may demand a 4th bet which you should also be comfortable with.

If the first bet loses, you have to multiply your starting betting amount by 2.1 and bet that amount on the next game. If the second bet loses the stake is again multiplied by 2.1 and so on with the 3rd and 4th. When there is a win bet, the stake goes back down to the original starting stake. If the 4th bet loses the sequence is bust (and the bank will be as well if it’s the early sequences!)

So starting with a target profit of £10, the staking could rack up like this:

Bet 1 :   £11.00
Bet 2 :   £23.10
Bet 3 :   £48.51

Bet 4 : £101.87       So total bankroll required is £184.48 

This strategy allgedly works because “you are CONSTANTLY ensuring that you are winning and NEVER LOSING. If you don’t win one bet, then you simply times your stake by 2.1 to pick up the loss from the last bet.” (Easy!)

The strategy reportedly sees your bankroll  grow quickly. Even starting with a £10 or £20 bet level it is suggested that you could be betting £50 or £100 per game for bet 1 within one to two months! So it seems the opportunity with this strategy is very big, even for small bettors. So lets find out.
For those with big starting banks and ‘balls of steel’ you would need the following amounts;
To make £400 to £500 a month profit, then your bankroll has to look like this.
Bet 1 :    £27.50
Bet 2 :    £57.75
Bet 3 :  £121.27
Bet 4 :  £254.66
Total bankroll: £461.18

To make around £1000 a month then your bankroll needs to look like this:

Bet 1 :   £55.00
Bet 2 : £115.50
Bet 3 : £242.55
Bet 4 : £509.35
Total Bankroll: £922.40 
Monthly Profit      Starting Bet Size (Bet 1)   Bankroll Required
£150 – £300          £11                                        £185
£400 – £500         £27.50                                 £460
£750 – £1000        £55                                      £922
£1500 – £3000      £110                                    £1,844
£4000 – £5000     £250                                   £4,192
Strong claims indeed! Can’t be many bookies who would accept some of the high wagers but there are a few like Pinnacle and of course the recommended US outfit ‘Bet-Online’ which is heavily promoted by the SCS website due to the bonus offers available (and probably some referral/affiliate fee).
I will be targeting 1pt per bet so that the starting figure can be extrapolated to any starting amount and betting bank.
Bet-Online is recommended for this strategy as they allegedly support the technique. I will look at a variety of bookies to see if I can get a better price. The odds are expressed in those weird American odds which I will convert to my favoured European odds (using a freely available odds converter calculator which will save my brain from making mistakes!)
I have tried to look at past results for the service but I was unable to access them from the website and was left with only the results since mid-August. The website does say that in the last 5 years or so the bet busting sequence of 4 consecutive losers has happened only twice. If you have used this service in the past please make any comments below.
The service also offers some ‘extra bets’ which can be used for straight betting but this rewiew/live trial will only be for the strategy bet but I will record results for interest as they will give some insight into the performance of the tipster team.
Trial Started; 9/9/13
See further published posts for updates
Current bet level:  Bet Level 1

San Diego Chargers +3 (buy half point to +3.5) over the Tennessee Titans (NFL Football) 1.74 X 1.35PTS  20-17 WON 1PT

Current Bank; +8.73pts

Extra  Bets
Atlanta Falcons +1 over the Miami Dolphins   (NFL Football) 27-23 LOST 1PT

Cleveland Browns +6.5 (buy half point to +7) over the Minnesota Vikings (NFL Football)  1.95 27-31  WON 0.95PTS

Buffalo Bills +1 over the New York Jets (NFL Football) 27-20 LOST 1PT

DAILY P/L; -1.05PTS  TRIAL P/L -4.96PTS  WON 21 LOST 21


Bet Level 1: Michigan State / Notre Dame UNDER 42.5 (Total Points Scored in Game) (NCAA College Football) 1.91 Ladbrokes 17-13 WON 1PT
Current Bank; +7.83pts
Extra Bets Rutgers -2.5 (buy half point to -2) over Arkansas   (NCAA College Football)  2.0 B365 28-24  WON 1PT
Michigan -19.5 (buy half point to -19) over Connecticut  (NCAA College Football)  21-LOST 1PT

Missouri -2 over Indiana   (NCAA College Football)  28-45 1.41  WON 0.41PTS
DAILY P/L; +0.41PTS  TRIAL P/L -3.91PTS  WON 20 LOST 19

Current bet level:  Bet Level 3

Atlanta Braves -130 (1.77) (1.78 Sporting Bet) Chicago Cubs (EARLY PLAY – Starts at 7:20 PM) (MLB Baseball) Stake 4.85pts 5-9 WON 3.78PTS

Current Bank; +6.83pts

The second time we have been taken to the penultimate level and once again all losses recovered with a small profit

Extra Bets
Boise State +4 over Fresno State   (NCAA College Football) 1.91 Sporting Bet 41-40 WON 0.91pts
Colorado Rockies -130  over the Arizona Diamondbacks  (MLB Baseball) 9-4 WON 0.77pts
St. Louis Cardinals -172 over the Milwaukee Brewers   (MLB Baseball) 6-7 WON 0.58pts
DAILY P/L; +2.26PTS  TRIAL P/L -4.32PTS  WON 18 LOST 18

Current bet level:  Bet Level 2
Clemson -13.5 over North Carolina State   (NCAA College Football) Ladbrokes 1.91 x 2.31pts 14-26 LOST 2.31PTS

Current Bank; +3.05pts

Bet 3 stake; 2.31 x 2.1 = 4.85pts

Extra Bets

Arizona Diamondbacks -102 over the Los Angeles Dodgers (MLB Baseball) 6-7 LOST 1PT

Philadelphia Eagles -3 over the Kansas City Chiefs (NFL Football)  16-26 LOST 1PT

New York Yankees -124 over the Toronto Blue Jays  (MLB Baseball) 6-2 LOST 1PT

DAILY P/L; -3.0PTS  TRIAL P/L -6.58PTS  WON 15 LOST 18


Current bet level:  Bet Level 1

Washington Nationals -102 (1.98) over the Atlanta Braves   (MLB Baseball) LOST 1.1PT

Current Bank; +5.36pts

Bet 2 stake is 1.1 x 2.1 = 2.31pts

Extra bets

St. Louis Cardinals -167 over the Colorado Rockies    (MLB Baseball) 3-4 WON 0.6PTS

San Francisco Giants -153 over the New York Mets  (MLB Baseball) 5-4 LOST 1PT

Cleveland Indians / Kansas City Royals OVER 7.5 (Total Runs Scored in Game) (MLB Baseball) 1.91 WHill 7-2  WON 0.91pts

DAILY P/L; +0.51PTS  TRIAL P/L -3.58PTS  WON 15 LOST 15


Current bet level:  Bet Level 1

Bet Level 1: Cleveland Indians -110 over the Kansas City Royals   (MLB Baseball) 3-5 WON +1.0PT

Current Bank; +6.46pts

Extra Bets

Philadelphia Phillies -170 over the Miami Marlins   (MLB Baseball)  6-4 WON 0.59pts

Cincinnati Reds -175 over the Houston Astros  (MLB Baseball)  0-10 WON 0.57pts

Miami Marlins / Philadelphia Phillies  OVER 7.5 (Total Runs Scored in Game)  (MLB Baseball) 2.0 BetVic WON 1.0pt

DAILY P/L; +2.16PTS  TRIAL P/L -4.09PTS  WON 13 LOST 14

Current bet level:  Bet Level 1

Cincinnati Bengals -6.5 (buy half point to -6) over the Pittsburgh Steelers  (NFL Football) 20-10 WON 1PT

Current Bank; +5.46pts

Extra Bets

Washington Nationals -111 over the Atlanta Braves   (MLB Baseball)  6-5 WON 0.9PTS

Tampa Bay Rays -129 over the Texas Rangers 
(MLB Baseball) 6-2 WON 0.78PTS

Los Angeles Dodgers -103 over the Arizona Diamondbacks  (MLB Baseball) 2-1 LOST 1PT

DAILY P/L; +0.68PTS  TRIAL P/L -6.25PTS  WON 10 LOST 14


Current bet level:  Bet Level 1 

Miami Dolphins +1 over the Indianapolis Colts 2.1 B365  (NFL Football) 20 – 24 WON 1PT

Current Bank; +4.46pts

Extra Bets

Cleveland Browns +7 over the Baltimore Ravens  (NFL Football) 14 – 6 LOST 1PT

Jacksonville Jaguars +4.5 over the Oakland Raiders (NFL Football)  19 – 9  LOST 1PT

Atlanta Falcons -5.5 (buy half point to -5) over the St. Louis Rams  (NFL Football) 2.0 B365 31 – 24 WON 1PT

DAILY P/L; -1.0PT  TRIAL P/L -6.93PTS  WON 8 LOST 13


Current bet level:  Bet Level 2

USC -13.5 over Boston College  (NCAA College Football) 1.76 B365 x 3.7pts  35-7 WON 2.81PTS

Current Bank; +3.46pts

So after 6 days and 3 sequences of 1, 3 and 2 respectively we have a profit of 3.46pts

Extra Bets

Mississipi State +6.5 (buy half pt to +7) over Auburn  (NCAA College Football) 1.91 BWIN 24-20 WON 0.91PTS

Nebraska -3 over UCLA 
(NCAA College Football) 21-41 LOST 1PT

Kentucky +14.5 over Louisville  (NCAA College Football) 1.76  13-27 WON 0.76PTS

DAILY P/L; +0.67PTS  TRIAL P/L -5.93PTS  WON 7 LOST 11


Current bet level:  Bet Level 1

Pittsburgh Pirates -176 (1.57) over the Chicago Cubs  (MLB Baseball) 4-5 Bet 1 LOST

I bet 1.76pts for the desired 1pt profit. So for bet 2 I will multiply this by 2.1 i.e. 3.7pts!

Extra Bets

Baltimore Orioles -121 (1.83) over the Toronto Blue Jays  (MLB Baseball) 5-3 WON 0.83PTS

Cincinnati Reds -144 over the Milwaukee Brewers (MLB Base
ball) 5-1 LOST 1PT

Los Angeles Dodgers -178 over the San Francisco Giants   (MLB Baseball) 2-4 LOST 1PT

DAILY P/L; -1.17PTS  TRIAL P/L -6.60PTS  WON 5 LOST 10


Current bet level:  Bet Level 3

Texas Tech +3 over TCU (NCAA College Football) 1.95 BWin (The recommended BetOnline is 1.9)  20 – 10 BET 3 WON +5.44pts

Stake for bet 3 in the sequence is 5.73pts – A convincing win for Texas without the handicap and the progressive Martingale System recovers losses and adds to the profit for bet 3 – Thank goodness!

Current Bank; +2.41pts

Extra Bets

New England -13 over the New York Jets (NFL Football) 2.1 b365 13-10 LOST 1pt

Texas Tech / TCU UNDER 62 (Total Points Scored in Game) 
(NCAA College Football) 1.62 B365 20-10 = 30PTS  WON +0.62pts

Pittsburgh Pirates -168 over the Chicago Cubs  (MLB Baseball) 1.57 Generally available 3-1 WON +0.57pts



Current bet level:  Bet Level 2

Baltimore Orioles -122 over the New York Yankees (MLB Baseball) 4-5 LOST BET 2 – Two consecutive losss so multiply the losing stake by 2.1

I bet 2.73pts so I need to multiply this stake by 2.1 for the third stake; i.e. 2.73 x 2.1 = 5.73pts

Current Bank; -3.03pts

Extra Bets

Tampa Bay Rays -140 over the Boston Red Sox (MLB Baseball)  3-7 LOST

San Francisco Giants -137 (1.73) over the Colorado Rockies 
(MLB Baseball) 4-3 WON

Los Angeles Dodgers -122 over the Arizona Diamondbacks  (MLB Baseball) 1-4 LOST



Current bet level:  Bet Level 1

Texas Rangers -130 (1.77) over the Pittsburgh Pirates (MLB Baseball) 1.77 WHill  1.81 Betfair  4-5 LOST BET 1 (So multiply stake by 2.1 for bet 2)

I bet 1.3pts to get the desired return of 1pt. So I need to multiply this by 2.1 for bet 2; i.e. 1.3 x 2.1 = 2.73pts

Current Bank P/L; -0.3pts

Extra Bets

Cleveland Indians -112 / 1.89 over the Kansas City Royals (MLB Baseball)  1.9 B365 / 1,88  BF 3-6 LOST

Detroit Tigers -156 / 1.64  over the Chicago White Sox 
(MLB Baseball)   1.65 WHill  1.64 BF 9-1 WON

Oakland Athletics -176 / 1.57  over the Minnesota Twins (MLB Baseball) 1.57 WHill 1.56 BF 3-4 LOST



Current bet level:  Bet Level 1

A winning start to the sequence so no need to multiply by 2.1 for the next bet.

San Diego Chargers +4 over Houston texans (NFL Football) 3.20am UKBST 10/9/13 WON 1PT  

Best odds; [email protected] then 1.95 generally available. Betfair  2.02  or Lay Houston @1.98 (£253 available)

When I logged onto the US bookie the ‘spreadline’ had gone to +4.5 @ -110 (1.91 or 10/11)

San Diego Chargers 28 7 14 7 0
Houston Texans 31 7  0 7 17

Current Bank P/L; +1.0PT

Extra Bets

These are recommended straight bets and are not part of the progressive strategy. I will record results as a matter of interest.

Washington Redskins -3.5 (buy half point to -3) over the Philadelphia Eagles  (NFL Football) 1.9 Betfair PP 2.0 27-33  LOST

Colorado Rockies +115 over the San Francisco Giants (MLB Baseball)  2.12 BF  2.11 B365  3-2 LOST

New York Yankees +122 over the Baltimore Orioles (MLB Baseball)  2.2 BF  2.2 B365 4-2 LOST


You can try Sports Cash System here: