This is a round up final post for three services offered by Sports Predictor.

We started these reviews back in September and we were due to finish them around the turn of the year, but I’m sad to say that none of the three services got that far.

The football and golf services were never in profit and were struggling throughout the trial period, the NFL part started brilliantly but trailed off badly as the season progressed. The big problem with NFL services is that the their season is so short that by the time we’re ready to give a verdict, the play-offs are well under way and the number of games available plummets.The football and golf services were busy enough during the first month or so of the trial but performance was pretty poor.

All three services slowed and then stopped sending selections between mid November and mid December. I tried logging in to the site but no selections were provided in there either. Since then I’ve been trying to contact the services to ask what exactly is going on.

Sadly, I’ve not received any replies. As mentioned in previous posts, I was unwell for a few weeks around the Christmas period and was offline for a while, so I decided to give them a final chance and sent another round of emails. Again, there has been no response, so I’m not going to bother giving them any more chances and all three go in the FAILED pile.

You can try these services here: