I am looking at Sports Spread Betting, a spread betting tipping service that costs £25 per month and focuses primarily on three sports – horse racing, football and cricket.

Now spread betting is not like using a bookie or an exchange. Your profits and losses can be open-ended and you need to be aware of this going in. This website contains a summary but let’s see if I can also explain it.

Liverpool are playing Chelsea, and the number of completed passes can be sold at 1000, and I take the bet at £1 per point. If there are only 500 passes in the game my profit is (1000 – 500) * £1 = £500. Let’s say there are 900 completed passes, my profit is (1000 – 900) * £1 = £100. However, if there are 1100 complete passes I’ll lose £100, and if there are 2000 passes, yikes!

Perhaps a better example comes from the comments on the website:

The profits for 12th August would have been calculated as follows.

Buy X goals at 89, the result was 77. Therefore, 89-77 = 12 points loss

Sell Watford v Liverpool completed passes at 710, the result was 646. Therefore, 710-646 = 64 points profit.

Buy Brighton v Manchester City completed passes at 760, the result was 838. Therefore, 838-760 = 78 points profit.

So, -12 + 64 + 78 = 130 points profit overall.

There is a subscription guarantee though: make 25 points profit in a month or receive a refund, so there is an expectation of 25 points or more profit each month. In fact. Max has commented “There can be some big fluctuations in monthly returns, however, it would have to be a bad month for me to produce less than 100 points profit”, so this should be quite exiting!

As usual, I will report progress each week.

More info HERE