Hot on the heels of Betfair Scalper, I am also looking at Sports Trading Exposed as another one-off review as this system doesn’t lend itself to a 13-week review; everybody who uses this system will get different results.

For a one-off cost of £79 (at the time or the review) you get a pdf and access to plenty of examples videos. The guide is comprehensive about how to set up Geeks Toy, but I believe that if you already have a subscription to another tool (e.g. Bet Angel, I use Gruss Betting Assistant etc) that bar a few differences you can set up your environment to broadly match Tomas.

The guide is easy to follow and comprehensive; the videos help cement the learning.

Like Betfair Scalper, don’t expect to pick this up and be earning £££ one week later. It is a slow process of practice, practise and practice, slowly building up your stakes. As I said in the Betfair Scalper review; be prepared to start small, you can operate off an initial £100 bank but you will only make pennies per race; but that’s OK, you’ll be a master trader by the time you have grown the bank to be able to scalp decent sums per race. DO NOT start trying to scalp using large stakes, start small and gain the skills. Fear and Greed are the enemies of all traders!

Where Sports Trading Exposed differs from Betfair Scalper is because it covers international racing and greyhounds and covers several different strategies. This can make the product seem very complex, and I’d suggest that you pick one strategy, develop it, and add another strategy when proficient.

Sports Trading Exposed will work, if you invest the time to learn and practice. So, I am happy to approve this.

You can  get Sports Trading Expert here: