Back in 2014 I went along to a live sports trading master class hosted by Tony Hargraves in which he showed us exactly how to make a living from TRADING on Betfair. He revealed the techniques that have taken him around the world teaching people how to make money on horse racing and sports in Australian, UK and Irish markets.

As you can imagine, Tony’s clients have paid considerable sums of money to learn these techniques as, armed with this knowledge, they have then gone on to make considerable sums of money for themselves.

Well, Tony has now released this workshop as an online video course so that you can learn from the comfort of your own home, at a time and a pace that suits you.

Here are the details:

A 20 part video course with full access to a growing collection of how to videos.

We will be showing you how to analyse sports trading markets, including football and horse racing. How to identify entry and exit points, and how to make smart trading decisions. We will look at scalping, swing trading, dutching, hedging, pre race, in play, and backing and laying with a view to trading out.

Who is this course aimed at?

This course is aimed at beginners to sports trading and to those people who want to look at taking their recreational trading activities to a higher level. It is suitable for beginners to intermediate bettors and traders familiar with betting terms and how a betting exchange operates.

The course is primarily horse racing & football focused. We will also touch on other sports as appropriate.

What will you learn?

—Improve your understanding of Betfair sports markets.
—See how I analyse matches and identify trading opportunities.
—How to implement trading strategies
—Examine discipline, money management, and the psychology of trading.
—Look at trading in play and the opportunities that arise.
—How to read racing markets with minimal knowledge.
—The basics of trading software and why you must use it.
—To move you from a hobby to a more serious approach.

What this course is NOT!

—A get rich quick scheme
—An instant route to success.
—Easier than any other normal job.

Course Content

—Common Reasons for Failure
—Research, Analysis
—Do you understand value and probability?
—Strategy , Discipline, and Risk Management
—Trading the Sports Markets and the process involved before getting involved in a market.
—Horse Racing Strategy
—Football Strategy
—Trading Out Strategy
—Money Management
—Knowing Your Sport
—Mental Approach
—Things you must do to succeed
—Unbeatable Favourites
—My exact strategy to scalp horses.
—Trading Techniques Part I
—Trading Techniques Part II

Additional Information

The main training course is split into 12 videos (modules) with a further 10 videos showing live trading in action. On going, we will be adding at least one video a month to the live trading section, these videos will be available to you as they become available and will not be shown anywhere else.

You get lifetime access to the entire course, including all new regularly added content for a one-time fee of £199.

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