Sports Trading

Whether you’re an experienced trader looking to improve or a complete beginner, we’ve found these to be extremely profitable strategies for trading on Betfair.

Goal Profits

Goal Profits is a multi award-winning football trading community that has turned many casual football betters into professional traders.

Membership provides all the tools you need for success:

  • A complete football trading course for beginners through to advanced traders
  • Access to a number of proven trading strategies and the tools to build your own
  • Exclusive 'Team Stats' software tools that make your research quick and easy
  • Live Stats Module that tracks all the live action for every fixture in more than 85 leagues worldwide
  • Unlimited support and advice from professional traders with more than 75 years of combined experience
Whether you wish to become a professional, full-time trader or simply generate a handy second income, Goal Profits will change your football trading forever.

This applies whether you’ve been doing it for years and love football, or have never bet on or been to a match in your life.

Betfair Scalper

As the name suggests, this is a Betfair trading course that teaches you how to scalp regular profits from the Betfair horse racing markets. You now get access to over 15 hours of training (100+ videos) explaining step by step exactly how to trade this specific strategy and, with practice, it’s possible to earn in excess of £100 per hour using these techniques.

This is a great trading course, ideal for beginners and experienced alike, and very reasonably priced too at just £89.97 one off payment for lifetime access.


Trade Shark Tennis

This is possibly the best value trading system available at only £39, but for once the term ‘you get what you pay for’ doesn’t apply here. This is actually a brilliant product.

Tradeshark is more of a service than a system. The service provides the basic trading strategies for tennis, daily tips and advice on which matches are suitable and real time support through the chatroom (or through skype). The levels of support and advice are extremely good. There is a website, a forum, a blog and a chatroom.

You are also joining a tennis trading community where thoughts and ideas are exchanged by tennis traders around the world.

Suitable for complete beginners and an excellent introduction to Betfair trading.

Pre Match Trading

With this service you watch for differences in what the tool calculates the correct price should be and what the current actual price on Betfair is, you can then place a Back or Lay bet and wait for it to move a tick or two before placing the contra bet to lock in a profit, which you can then either leave as a free bet or spread across all outcomes to guarantee a risk free profit.

Obviously with only grabbing single or at most a couple ticks at a time the amounts are rather small but you can often go back into the trade if the indicators are showing it should be on the move again and you can monitor all the major games to look for potential moves.

This is a neat piece of trading software for making small, regular profits on Betfair before the match.