This service costs a chunky £97 per month and for this you receive from 1 -3 tips a day on Mondays to Fridays inclusive. There are no weekend tips and the selections come with a summary of why each selection is made together with the number of points to be risked per tip.

The selections arrive by e-mail at approximately 7.00AM, a mix of bookie or Betfair Sp selections, for the bookie based selections the relevant BOG bookies and advised odds. They claim a strike rate of just under 40%.

Given the monthly subscription rate I would use a trading bank of at least £500 although £1000 to cover possible losing runs would be preferable to produce a net profit. Using the standard level staking CashMaster £10 per point, how did the service stack up in the period ?

This is the 3rd and final report on the horse race tipping service from Sports Predictor covering the period 20 Nov-21 Dec inclusive.

During the period I  received 43 tips, 2 non runners due to abandoned meeting,resulting in 10 winners and 2 placed. These breakdown as follows:-

20 Nov – 24 Nov 8 selections 1 win 1 place -2.25 points -£22.50

27 Nov – 01 Dec 10 selections 1 win 1 place – 8.90points -£89.00

04 Dec – 08 Dec 10 selections 2 win -4.87 points -£48.70

11 Dec – 15 Dec 8 selections 2 win 0.0 points

18 Dec – 21 Dec 7 selections 3 win 5.64 points £56.40

A negative return for the final period of -£103.80

So to a summary of the betting bank to date – prior to monthly subscriptions:-

Opening bank 20 Sep £1000

Closing bank 18th Oct £1428.30

Closing bank 17th Nov £1493.80

Closing bank 21st Dec £1390.00

So although the period was negative there has been profit over the 3 months of £390 a gain of 39%, before the monthly subscriptions. However the service costs £97 per month and thus staking 1% of a betting bank of £1000 means £10 per point and that doesn’t make much sense.

To justify paying the monthly subscriptions would mean a betting bank of circa £3000 -£5000, if staking just 1%, and this for many people will put it beyond their means. Therefore I would award this system a Pass only for those with the necessary funds.

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