You may have noticed I’ve had a link in Current System Tests for Sprint Lay Expert for quite some time. In fact it’s been there since I got this system exactly twelve months ago.

I thought I would test this system for the whole season before writing up a review and that’s exactly what I’ve done.

I opted for the lazy approach and got the selections e-mailed to me each day, but when you buy the system you’re shown exactly how to find the days bets and this comes with a video tutorial too. So you can either work them out for yourself or go for the daily selection service.

So how did it do last season?

Well, there weren’t a huge amount of bets but it managed a profit of £812 to £100 level stakes, which is fine, but if I had used the staking plan that comes with this system, that would have been a profit of £2,078 using a £1000 betting bank.

That would have tripled the betting bank in one season, and looking back over previous years, it would have tripled the bank on average for the last six years.

The staking plan is non-aggressive, so it doesn’t attempt to re-coup previous losses on the next bet which is, in my opinion, suicidal with lay betting. But it does seem to be very effective in maximising the profits from this system so I’ll certainly be using it this year.

The system/service has been relaunched today, ready for the start of the season tomorrow, and I have no hesitation in giving this an Approved rating. Six years results can’t be ignored, and I tested this personally last season, although now I’m wishing I had used the staking plan. It makes a profit to level stakes if that’s what you prefer and you can get the system for a one-off purchase price and use it every season going forward. I do recommend using the staking plan to maximise your profits though.

As part of the package you get a full profit strategy that shows you how to grow your bank with zero risk and how to protect your bank generally with minimized risk.

You also get a comprehensive training course that teaches you how the professionals bet and how you can join the elite 2% of successful bettors.

Highly recommended, you can get Sprint Lay Expert here: