Stable Lays is a system targeting short odds selections and producing approximately one selection per day.  It is available in .pdf format and the e-book also comes with one month’s free email selections, sent out by noon at the latest and the previous evening where possible.

From 1 January to 31 October there were around 250 selections and I will trial this for as long as necessary to get a fair picture.  Results for the 250 selections show a strike rate of around 89%, average odds (at SP) were 3.35 (from memory) and average losing odds 4.33.  Assuming that BSP is consistently 20% higher than SP and rounding up to the next tick this still gives 3.85 and 5.00 respectively at BSP.  If my maths is correct, this gives an ROI of just over 50%.  As it is becoming the norm for recording results, I shall be using BSP.  I aim to record also the price at which my bets are matched in the live market.

The selection process is by a points system and at first appears quite involved, however I am finding that with a little practice it can be carried out quickly.  The fifteen minutes needed each day, as claimed, is probably accurate and I have found that I can quickly identify and ignore potential selections that aren’t going to fit the criteria, thereby speeding up the selection process.

It is necessary to be at the computer just before each qualifying race, so this won’t suit anyone with a day job.  It also requires checking several factors just before the off to ensure that selections still fit all the criteria.

The e-book runs to just 17 pages and from page 7 concentrates on the system itself.  I didn’t particularly notice the writing style, so it must have been unintrusive and by the time I had skimmed through the examples any questions were answered and I had a clear idea of what is required.

I am currently getting to grips with the selection criteria, but that shouldn’t take too long and then I will be checking to ensure that my selections agree with the emails.

The e-book can be purchased through Clickbank, so comes with full 60 day money back guarantee and currently for UK residents it is just under £80 including VAT.

There was one potential selection today, but the odds were above the maximum allowed by the system, so I will begin posting results from tomorrow.