I’ve decided to give this bot a one-off review rather than test any particular setting because, like many bots, it’s designed to be used as a tool for betting, rather than as a system.

This is a betting bot that identifies steamers and drifters in the Betfair market and bets on them for you according to whatever criteria you set, such as the percentage of movement, the odds available, the times at which it monitors them, how much to bet, what percentage of your bet you have in the back market or place market etc.

So it’s brilliant if you have a successful betting method that would normally require you to monitor the prices before the off.

There’s been a couple of updates since I first downloaded it, one of which allows the bot to run continuously 24/7, which is ideal for people wanting to switch it on on a virtual server and leave it.

It’s great for testing out different criteria to see what works and what doesn’t and if you hit on a successful method then you’re going to do well with this.

The problem is, you do need to test this thing over the long haul. It’s no good trying something for a week and deciding it’s not working, and trying something else, because that doesn’t really give you enough data to know if it’s really profitable or not.

For anyone interested in buying this I certainly recommend betting to minimal stakes until you find a method that you’re happy with.

I like this bot. It works flawlessly, gives you a nice graph of your daily and total betting profits (and losses) and allows you to download everything to a spreadsheet too.

The website has very good instruction videos going over everything you can do and I’ve found any questions to be answered promptly.

I shall continue to use mine in an effort to find a long term profitable method. If anyone else is using this and has any settings they have found profitable, feel free to comment below and share them.

Here’s one set that seems to do well:

Back £2 cash
100% place market
Min movement 10%
Odds range 3 – 50
T1 11am
T2 30 secs
Advanced – biggest steamer in my odds range

Got a reasonable graph out of that and also supplemented it with:

Lay £2 cash with target liability ticked
Win market
Min movement 10%
Odds range 4-30
T1 45 mins to post
T2 20 secs
Advanced – biggest drifter in my odds range

Out of all the bets it placed in the last 2 days, it didn’t lose a single drifter which was nice.

I can’t find fault with this bot and anyone looking for a tool that monitors and bets on steamers and drifters will be very happy with this. It’s an Approved from me.

You can get Steamer Bot here:



We had an e-mail from the vendors this week with an excellent offer. Basically, anyone that gets Steamerbot can have their two other bots, Jetbet and Lastminutebot, for free.  Jetbet is a simple Betfair interface that makes using Betfair extremely fast and simple with one click betting and instant trading facilities. Lastminutebot is a simple bot that will place your bets for you in the seconds before the off if the criteria you set are matched, such as odds, at the stake you set, either as percent of bank or level stakes.

So you get three excellent bots for the price of one.

You can get Steamerbot here: