This is a completely automated bot that runs 24/7 either on your computer or on a VPS. I turned it on on 19th May 2015 and set it to win £1 per winning bet. The initial couple of months were excellent and it made 156 points after the first ten weeks.

Since then it’s been a rollercoaster ride; making money then giving it back again, then making more and giving it back. By the end of November 2015 my balance was -£80.86.

The saving grace of this kind of thing is the fact that there is no effort required at all as I can’t imagine anyone would be manually placing these bets and still using it after six months with these results.

There are a huge number of strategies you can try with this bot, both backing and laying, but obviously you would need to test them for a long time to work out whether they are viable long term, so I think this bot is suited to anyone that already has a good strategy and simply needs a bot to run it.

For me, the one strategy I tried turned out to be a bit of a damp squid but it did show me that the bot works exactly as it’s supposed to work.

It costs £99.97 a year and I would say represents excellent value so long as you have a profitable strategy to run on it. A number of strategy ideas are included so it may well be worth trying a few of those to low stakes to see how they perform.

Since the bot performed exactly as it was supposed to, I am tempted to give this an approved rating, however, I made an 80 point loss in six months using one of the suggested strategies which would, on it’s own, merit a failed rating. But I’m not basing my review on the performance of one strategy, rather the performance of the bot in general and therefore I feel a Neutral rating is fair.

You can try Stop At A Winner Bot here:Neutral