This is a one off review of the Struck Gold horse racing service.

I have been monitoring this service since it’s inception on 23rd May this year and I have to say I’m impressed.

It’s a straightforward backing service and you simply back the horse to level stakes.

You have to place your bet as close to the off as possible as long as the selection is the favourite in the Live Show. Don’t panic though, you don’t have to do this yourself as the service comes with a bot that places the bet for you.

It checks the Live Shows, it checks the odds, and if everything is fine it places the bet for you.

You don’t have to use the bot though. The selections are e-mailed to you every day and if you prefer you can bet on them manually. The bot doesn’t require any extra subscription though and it can be left on 24/7 on a virtual server if you like, so this really is a service that you can just turn on and leave it to make money for you.

From 23rd May to 5th September, it produced a profit of £448 with just £10 stakes which is very respectable in just over three months. That would be £1,120 with £25 stakes.

On 6th September I decided to bet with real money using the bot with £10 stakes using a £500 betting bank. They actually recommend a 100 point betting bank but having analysed the bets over the last four months I was happy with 50 points. In just sixteen days of live betting it’s made a net profit of £221.17 after Betfair commission.

So in four months it’s made a profit of £669 to £10 stakes, £1,672 to £25 stakes, or £3345 for those that bet £50 stakes.

There are never any liquidity problems on Betfair as these are favourites, and of course bets can be placed manually at bookies if you prefer, using Best Odds Guaranteed if you wish.

So with four months of data, plus a few weeks of live betting to test the bot, I am more than happy to give this an Approved rating. I will continue to use the bot myself on my virtual server and will do periodic updates to let you know how it’s getting on.

Oh yes and there’s one more thing that makes this a very attractive addition to your betting portfolio… the price.

Less than two hundred quid for the whole year, with the bot thrown in for free. I’ve made that back in two weeks with just £10 stakes!

Highly recommended.

You can get Struck Gold here: