This is my first update on the review of this Betting Gods based service.

As mentioned in the introduction, they target American Football, Basketball, and Football bets.

With the NFL out of season we have been receiving NBA and Premier League tips.

All the bets have been statistical bets for players/teams rather than result based. You are given the fixture, the player’s name, and the Under/Over bet to place. Basketball bets have been on Rebounds, Assists, Points, and combinations of the three. Football bets have been on Total Shots and Shots On Target for both players and teams.

You are also given prices available and the Bookies to use. All are open to UK customers, so we’re not having to scrabble to replicate SBO or Pinnacle prices. All prices have been obtainable when I checked. You usually have a few hours to get your bet on.

I was initially a little concerned about where I would be able to find quick and easy breakdowns of NBA stats but it’s as simple as literally Googling “NBA Results And Stats” and they just appear for you. The only minor inconvenience I’ve faced is that the service provide the fixture using the team’s home city, whereas the results page always lists by Nickname. I’m familar enough with NFL to know the teams’ names but I’m on a crash course of learning to identify Bulls, Wizards, Cavaliers, and Pelicans etc.

I’ve been receiving these for around 10 days now and, in a case of strange symmetry, the NBA bets have lost pretty much what the Fooball bets have won, leaving us 3 points down at this very early stage.

NBA bets are received at 9pm every night for games starting a few hours later. Football bets have been received during mid-morning to lunchtime for games taking place the same evening, these have not been daily so far.