The time has come to wrap this one up.

I have actually let the trial run a month longer than our usual 3 Month assessment, I wanted to make sure the initial few months were not a fluke, turns out they most certainly were not!

To recap; this is an email based tipster service (although they do have an app you can download to your phone) that takes aim at a wide range of sporting targets. During our 4 months membership, we’ve had bets on Basketball, Football, Rugby League, Tennis, and even Aussie Rules. The vast majority have been on basketball. I have kept running totals for all the different sports, as well as the main overall bank.

Selections are received via email, usually around 10.00 – 1015pm and are crystal clear easy to understand. For the last few weeks we have also been receiving a morning email, this usually arrives around 8.00 – 8.30am.

Although the name of the service is “Capper” we haven’t really had that many actual handicap outright bets, with the majority of bets falling into the “Player Props” category. Tennis and Rugby Lge have had a few result handicap bets, but everything is very easy to find on the bookmakers’ websites.

You really don’t need to know much about the sports involved, as stated on the intro to this service, all I know about Basketball is that it is very squeaky, I really don’t like tennis at all, all I know about Aussie Rules is that it’s got a lot of similarities to the G.A.A. sports that I’m very familair with, Rugby League and Football are passions of mine.

Before we get to the figures, I feel I should mention the one and only problem I have encountered during the trial. The prices quoted, and indeed the exact market quoted, do move really quite quickly after you receive the emails. Prices drop quite a bit, and the targetted market may change from, for example, the advised Under 6.5 Rebounds to Under 5.5. So you need to be fairly quick off the mark to get the exact bet in the email. The other point to note is that the tipster often quotes prices from Australian bookie sites first (no problem with that if that is where he is) and they also quote some UK bookies that I am rather unfamiliar with, for that reason I have stuck to mainly recording prices from bookies with whom I would be happy to risk my own money.

Now to the figures, and what lovely figures they are. I’ll give a breakdown here and provide a link to my usual spreadsheet that covers everything that went on.

BETS 333 (number of the beast while he’s on furlough)

WINS 203



S/R 60.96%

P/L +91.67 points (£916.70 at £10 a point)

ROI 15%

These figures are remarkably close to the long term averages that are quoted on the sales page, maybe a shade under them but the tipster had a tricky mid May period.

The profit was made with these sports (rounded down)

BASKETBALL +41 points





Needless to say, this one is APPROVED.

Normal subscription is £37 per month but they’ve got some excellent trial membership deals at the moment. You can get 15 days for just £1.99. 3 Months for £39, and a whole 6 Months of tips for £59