Final Review

I have been following a new ForEx signal service since the start of the year; 5 months in to the service feels like a good place to stop and look at what we have.

This service was not expected to issue signals every day, but one to two signals per week is expected. The service has been followed for 20 weeks, in that time either Graham or myself have received 43 signals; so this estimate was spot on.

I have compared my results against Lisa’s results page and we do match bar 4 losing trades 24-Feb to 28Feb.

As usual, the cash-master standard of £10 per pip has been used. After 5 months I am showing a loss of 203 pips or £2, 030, and the costs of subscription has to be added to this total.

I am all for long-tern profits and all that, but I would expect to see a profit after 5 months, and therefore this service has to be filed under failed.

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